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The funniest penalties in football

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Football and entertainment often go hand in hand. Of the many moments that make up a game, one of the most loved by spectators is the set piece. What’s more, the king of free kicks, the penalty, holds a special place in this sport, so much so that it can even be used to decide between two teams if they are tied after the final whistle.

And when we talk about penalties, we all have at least one that comes to mind. Today, I invite you to take a quick look at these anthology penalties, which have marked the history of football, whether for better or for worse!

Simone Zaza’s funny penalty.

There are over a thousand and one ways to take a penalty, yet Italy international Simone Zaza has chosen a totally absurd way to do it.

Indeed, in the Italian national team’s match against Germany, during the Euro 2016 competition, and after 120 minutes of play, the outcome of the meeting had to be played on penalties.

Simone Zaza had to take Italy’s second penalty, just after teammate Lorenzo Insigne managed to score the first.

But most likely wanting to display his originality and at the same time destabilize the German goalkeeper, Zaza tried a technique of his own.

He should have concentrated a little more!

He thus covered the few meters that separated him from the ball, trotting in a particularly ridiculous manner, like a hamster in a cage or an equine trotting towards its stable.

Unfortunately, the final move was as dismal as the player’s momentum, as his shot will go straight to the moon, not even grazing the German cage an inch. It might have been better to forget the style and concentrate on your shot!

Ashad Ali Adubarey.



Among the most surprising penalties in football history, it is impossible not to mention the one drawn by Maldives player Ashad Ali Adubarey in his country’s match against the Afghan national team.

Indeed, and against all odds, the young Maldivian striker stumbled right on taking a penalty, spreading his full weight on the grass, just in front of the ball he was supposed to hit.

But that’s not all.

… Because Ashad will get up on the field, and after a furtive glance at the referee, he continues his penalty by firing a real cannonball that deceived goalkeeper Mansur Faqiryar.

The Afghan keeper was, in fact, highly destabilized by the fall, voluntary or involuntary, to the point of not being able to concentrate on the trajectory of the shot.

While some see a nice fake for the successful penalty which made the young Maldivian player world famous, others think it was a real fall. It’s up to you to judge and tell us what you think in the comments section!

Marwin hitz.

It can’t be said enough but in football the golden rule is fair play, and this young goalkeeper should really review his lessons.

German club FC Augsburg’s goalkeeper Marwin Hitz deliberately sabotaged the penalty spot in his penalty area, just before a conceded shot on goal.

The moment of total embarrassment.

The scene, filmed by one of the field cameras, shows Hitz slyly digging up the grass with his crampons, pressing hard on the touchdown zone, going so far as to make this whole part of the penalty area extremely slippery.

Thus, when the referee whistled the execution of the penalty, the player of the opposing team completely lost his balance by hitting the ball, slumping with all his weight on the wet grass, and miserably missing his penalty .


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