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The dumbest deaths of all time

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Today in the 14 Dumbest Deaths of All Time, you will discover the story of Mark Gleeson, who had the ingenious idea of sticking two feminine tampons in each of his nostrils to sleep better, and who was not long in to die of suffocation in bed.

Another, who died of an explosion after he had the foolish idea of striking a match in front of a cow’s anus, or yet another who laughed so hard and for so long that he ended up suffocate and die. Prepare well for the silliest death stories.

Killed by a tampon! An absurd death

Source: thesun

Here’s one who shouldn’t have gotten his nose into women’s affairs! In 1996, an Englishman named Mark Gleeson suffered from regular snoring.

To alleviate his sleeping problems, he had the ingenious idea of stuffing two feminine tampons into each of his nostrils. It wasn’t long before he choked on his sleep. In any case, he hadn’t sensed that his time had come!

The fall of Garry Hoy!

Source: quora

When fate is after you, well, there’s absolutely nothing you can do! Garry Hoy was a lawyer working for the Holden-Day Wilson law firm in Toronto. He is known for his skill and accidental self-defenestration death on a Friday in 1993.

He was trying at the time of the facts to prove to a group of internship students during a reception that the windows of the “Toronto-Dominion Center” were unbreakable, and this by throwing himself against one of the windows located on the 24th floor.

Indeed he was right, the windows were very unbreakable, but on the other hand, what he hadn’t expected was that the window could give way. And that is, unfortunately, and against all odds, what happened. He threw himself in, and the window gave way. Poor Garry Hoy fell 24 stories.

A stupid death in the trash.

Source: South West

At the Moselle in Luxembourg, a young man of 17, who had apparently spent a too drunken evening, had the idea to take refuge in one of the garbage containers to sleep there and to warm up there while waiting for Sunrise.

Except at daybreak, garbage trucks pass by to empty all the trash cans in town. The young man was kidnapped and transported by one of the trucks, making its usual rounds around Luxembourg’s train station area that morning, shortly before 6 a.m.

It was too late
After dumping the contents of one of the dumpsters, the garbage collectors heard a cry of distress. The crusher device was immediately shut down, but it was already too late.

The young man had been crushed with the garbage by the truck’s compaction system. The emergency room doctor who had come in only noted the young man’s death. Sad face!

Dead from a stick of dynamite.

Source: leeches

What do you do when you wait in the car for someone who’s gone for some shopping, quickly? Do you read a newspaper? Do you use crosswords? Or do you take a nap? Well! Paul Stiller and his wife have apparently decided to kill time … by killing themselves!

It happened in Andover Township! While bored in their car, the couple couldn’t think of anything better than lighting a stick of dynamite and throwing it out the window to see what it was like, except that they had forgotten one. Small detail: the windows were closed when they threw the stick. So the car exploded and so did they.

An absurd death! He takes his gun for a phone.

You have certainly been reminded several times that the cell phone is a formidable weapon, which can kill slowly. But in this case, it is to be taken at face value.

Charles Barger, a 47-year-old man, is dead in his sleep, but not as you might imagine … no! Seemingly too suspicious, he used to keep a gun on his bedside table.

One day, while he was asleep, his phone rang. Wanting to answer, he grabbed the gun, thinking it was his phone. You can guess the rest; he died from a bullet in the ear. He answered the call well, but rather that of the angel of death!



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