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Nining Sunarsih alive, the woman dragged by a wave for 18 months

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Is the name of Nining Sunarsih familiar to you? No? What if I told you about this incredible story that took place between 2017 and 2018 in Indonesia. Always not? A woman had been washed away and would miraculously reappear some 18 months later.

Ha, there you go, that means something to you now! So let’s jump into this unusual news item without further ado, and together let’s try to understand how this story could have unfolded and what makes it one of the greatest mysteries of our time!

The mysterious disappearance of Nining Sunarsih.


Source: news desk

On June 30, 2018, Indonesia was struck with news that was as good as mysterious. Nining Sunarsih, who disappeared in January 2017, swept away by the current on a beach famous by surfers, was found, unconscious, on a nearby beach.

It didn’t take long for the news to travel around the world. And so far, no real explanation has been given as to what really happened.

Together, let’s take a step back to follow step by step the ordeals that the Nining family had to go through—both during the long months of her disappearance and after her return to their lives.

That’s what happened!

The story of Nining Sunarsih is one of the most mysterious around. And not without reason! It all starts on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

That day, Nining, a 52-year-old Indonesian woman, decided to spend the day with her family at Citepus Beach. It is a famous surfing spot located in Java. So far, so good. She was having a fairly normal day then until Nining wanted to take a walk by the water.

As she runs along the coast, a huge wave swept the vacationer away. Unable to fight the current, she ended up being dragged out to sea.

At the time, witnesses said they heard the woman screaming and waving her hands for help, but no one could venture into the water due to the oversized and aggressive waves.

The reaction of his relatives.

Source: manaberita

As for her family, they were also powerless in the face of such a situation. On the other hand, his relatives immediately alerted emergency services.

Then the latter tried for hours to find Nining. Unfortunately, it has completely disappeared. Of course, the search and rescue operations continued for several days, but to no avail.

There was, in fact, no sign of the woman’s presence. So we had to face the facts: Nining must have sunk. However, a week after his tragic disappearance, a decomposing body was discovered on the beach where Nying had disappeared.

We immediately thought of Nining Sunarsih.

Unsurprisingly, local authorities immediately believed it could only be the body of the 50-year-old man.

So, they asked family members to come and identify the body. But they unanimously agreed that this body was not that of Nining.

In fact, they noticed that a separate nevus was missing on the abdomen, and the nails were completely different.

However, authorities are still seeking a DNA test to confirm if she really is a Nining. Then they compared the DNA of the body of the missing woman’s son and finally found that the results were not identical.

His family never gave up hope.

But the research didn’t stop there. After several weeks, the search did indeed continue, until authorities declared Nening dead, although her body was not found.

Source: riauaktual

Despite this, her family never accepted the idea that the waters might have swallowed her. So her loved ones kept the somewhat crazy hope of seeing her alive one day.

This is hardly surprising because it is not uncommon for people to refuse to abandon their loved ones. And this is not without reason!

Sometimes there are real miracles that happen! And you could say that was the case with Nining! Because, yes, at the end of June 2018, 18 months after her disappearance, the woman was found alive, shocking the whole world!

Nining Sunarsih found alive.

Source: news.detik

So how did we finally find the woman who has been missing for a year and a half, would you say? Well, a few days before Nining appeared, out of nowhere, her father had a mysterious dream in which she told him to look for her on a beach near where she had disappeared.

Initially, he hadn’t paid much attention to this dream. However, after dreaming about the same thing over and over, the man finally talked about it with his family.

Together, they concluded that it was necessary to follow this trail, albeit a far-fetched one, and try to find Nining at the place she had indicated in her father’s dream.

So, on Saturday, June 30, Nining’s family began to search all over the place around the fateful beach. But she, unfortunately, found no trace of the missing woman. Determined, his relatives did not give up.

The joy of reuniting Nianing.

Far from there! They continued to search through the night, and on Sunday around midnight, their efforts paid off. Yep, unbelievable as it sounds, Elah, Nining’s sister, found the woman lying on the sand unconscious about 500 yards from where she had originally disappeared.

And as if all of this weren’t strange enough, Nining was actually wearing the same clothes she had on the day she went missing, a year and a half earlier.

Don’t try to clarify the mystery! The family preferred to take Nening to the provincial hospital to receive all the care she might need.

Against all odds, doctors said her vital signs are stable, and she is expected to make a full recovery soon. For someone who drowned 18 months ago, such a statement is incredible, to say the least!

As the doctors announced, Nening regained consciousness very quickly. Yet she was unable to speak. Also, she suffered from amnesia.

Suddenly, it was impossible to question her about her version of the events of January 2017 because she did not remember anything.

If this woman’s reappearance in her family was a miracle of God, the inhabitants of the region were quick to ask themselves many questions. In fact, no one understood what happened to Ninning, starting with his son Wanda.

It’s time to ask questions.

We wondered then, how did she survive for a year and a half? How is it possible that she was found near where she had disappeared and wearing the same clothes? Two days after questioning the population, local police said they would open an investigation.


While waiting for a reasonable explanation, the authorities were careful to call on residents not to present far-fetched theories on the subject.

“People should not be affected by information that is not yet clear,” said Socatio Purnomo, the police chief in Sukabumi town, where Nying disappeared.

But the sheriff’s recommendation was not having the desired effect, as conflicting rumors and news had already started to emerge.

Theories explaining Nianing’s disappearance.

Source: maritimeherald

It is impossible for the inhabitants of the region not to take the opportunity to imagine the strangest stories possible, from the most realistic to the most creative.

Soon we saw in the local press, in the news, and on the Internet a lot of speculation about what happened during those 18 long months of absence.

But what raised the most questions, and bothered most of the storylines, was the fact that they eventually reappeared.

Someone wants to run away from Nining on purpose. Why? Well, just because he was very in debt.

In fact, Nining was a door to door in the region. People have been offered investments in the stock market. In the end, she would have accumulated a lot of debts. So much so that she can no longer compensate the people who have entrusted their money to her.

Let’s decide to escape … a little too sensitive.

At the time, it was alleged that she had disappeared so as not to have to pay her creditors. Either way, that’s the story revealed by Indonesian media, Tribun News. According to this site, even Nining’s sister said she did not drown in 2017.

In fact, the doctors also claimed that she had no lung damage and that there was no water in her lungs.

This theory seems questionable. And for a good reason! Some people claim that if Nining wanted to get out of debt, she could find a much easier way to disappear in Indonesia.

Especially since the country has more than 17,500 islands, some of which are uninhabited. After that, if she wanted to escape her debt, why would she come back after a year and a half? It would just be crazy.

Nining was reportedly in the rehab center.

Source: tribunnews

Suddenly, we wonder again, and again where has Nining been for a year and a half? In response to this question, some Indonesian media claim that Nening would suffer from mental problems and could have been accepted at Ura Willas Aceh, a rehabilitation center for people with poor or mental health problems.

In fact, the rumor started when someone working at the center recognized him as a former patient. As proof, a photo of a woman resembling Nining Sunarsih was widely shared on the Internet.

And this is not without reason!

The woman in question, known at the center as “Ms. X12”, was admitted to the facility in 2017.

Was it the same person then? However, the head of the center, Danny Solang, is sure. According to him, the only physical difference is that Nining is slightly thinner than “Lady X 12” when it was discovered in 2017.

More surprisingly, the period coincided with Nying’s disappearance and Nying’s sudden appearance; since 2018, “Ms. X12” has escaped from the center.

However, this theory is also called into question. In fact, she didn’t explain how Nining ended up in the same place she disappeared from and why she still wore the same clothes that day.

Plus, it also doesn’t explain why Nining’s full story is cast. Moreover, the account that Nying was in a drug rehabilitation center was not confirmed by the police.

Paranormal theories regarding the disappearance of Nining Sunarsih.

To this day, no plausible explanation has yet elucidated the mystery of Nining’s disappearance. Therefore, it gave free rein to the imagination of people who did not hesitate to come up with the craziest theories.

One of them would like Nining to have taken an intertemporal journey. Indeed, having disappeared for such a long time, dressed in the same clothes she wore on the day she disappeared, and having no memory of the many months gone by …

A trip back in time, maybe.
All of this is so mistaken for the many B-movies and sci-fi short stories of the genre… A little too much, if you ask me.

Thus, Nining would have made the round trip in space-time since his return 18 months after having disappeared in the same place. She wears the same clothes as the day she left.

However, it’s unlikely to be, to say the least. As time travel is currently only a scientific theory, it is impossible to apply it.

A victim of extraterrestrial hijacking?

Also, another theory has been put forward. The latter confirms that strangers kidnapped Gaining. Of course, so few people believe it, then one must admit that this explanation is not rational, and therefore cannot justify the mystery of this strange disappearance.

So far, no real explanation has been provided. However, likely, Nining and his family were faking the drowning story to cover up something.

But what exactly will they gain in this situation? We don’t know! On the other hand, there is certainly a logical explanation for this enigmatic mystery, even if, to date, it has not yet been revealed.

It’s your turn to tell us in the comments what do you think of the story of Nining Sunarsih? What do you think is the most likely theory that could explain the resurgence of this woman? Do you think this is a paranormal phenomenon? Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us!

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