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Chronic stress, causes in the environment, and treatment in foods

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I feel tired, and I feel exhausted. Is it the air, the food, or I am missing some sleep? Is there nothing I eat that eliminates this stress that accompanies me? Then I want to know the cause of this stress, which has become haunted with me most of the time.
Many of these questions arise, and we want to know some information about them.

First: I will address the causes of these symptoms:

1- Some reasons may be satisfactory, and here, one must consult a doctor and disclose them, such as hypothyroidism, anemia, or hypoglycemia. Finally, there may be chronic mercury poisoning resulting from filling with dental fillings and infection with the Candida fungus.

2-Some experts believe that it is because of infection with the Epstein-Barr virus, and this belief is based in part on the fact that many of those infected with these symptoms found in their blood a large amount of antibodies to this virus, yet the relationship between chronic stress has not been conclusively proven.

3-Contamination of the air with the toxic metals we inhale may lead to lethargy and a feeling of lethargy.
Here is nutritional information that may be useful to help eliminate or get rid of these symptoms.

First: herbs:

1-Ginseng as it helps and improves adrenal gland function and eliminates fatigue.

2-Licorice supports the endocrine system to use if you suffer from high pressure, as it has also been shown that fluctuation in pressure leads to a feeling of dullness and supports the ability to focus.

Second: Nutrition:

1-Eat balanced food: 50% of it is raw food and fresh juices, as after the holidays, irregularity in food, and eating prepared foods with fats that may cause lethargy, the time to eat healthy food, and raw foods here are fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

2-Eat fish because of its chief value, which provides the body with nutrients that renew energy and build immunity.

3-Eat regular sour dairy products such as yogurt and curd, as they help eliminate Candida, which is one cause of stress.

4-Drink a lot of water, at least 8 cups a day, and that is by drinking a cup of water every two or three hours of the day. Water washes out toxins and helps reduce muscle pain.

5-Do does not eat fried foods, salty foods, and canned foods.

6-Do does not drink too much tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

7-Make sure your intestines are moving daily. Add fiber to your diet.

8-More than eating dark green leafy vegetables because they contain chlorophyll.

9-Be sure to sleep during the night so that the hormone melatonin is secreted; it helps calm sleep, allowing you to rejuvenate.

10-Showering with cold water regularly, which may improve chronic stress symptoms, but those with heart disease, circulatory system, or any serious health problems prefer not to treat with cold water except after consulting a specialist.

11-There are some amino acids that may benefit people with chronic stress, and these acids are obscene. I find it in dairy, whole grains, soybeans, and whole rice. I find Thorne in meat products, eggs, and fish. I do not find it in vegetable proteins.

12-Taking vitamin C helps a lot with activity, as it helps in absorbing iron and amino acids much better.

And finally, this is the advice for people with stress, which is characterized by low energy, as it is usually the result of wrong food habits, especially combining food comprising fast and simple carbohydrates, as this mixture would take away energy.

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