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Treating headaches with food

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Headaches are the most common medical conditions. Everyone gets a headache. The usual causes of headaches include Stress – anxiety – allergies – constipation – permanent coffee consumption – eye strain – toothache – high and low blood pressure – hunger – sinusitis – alcohol intake – malnutrition.

There are many types of headaches; total headaches are resulting from muscle tension and migraine headaches. They result from a cycling disorder in the brain – combined headache, a severe and frequent headache.

First: total headache:

Headaches are often a sign of another health problem. Total headaches and tension headaches are among the most common types of headaches. They are caused by muscle contraction or an imbalance of natural chemicals in the brain and cause severe pain around the head.
This headache often begins in the afternoon or evening. And the best way to treat it is to prevent depression, besides sports like yoga and proper nutrition. Some foods may cause or increase headaches: wheat, chocolate, sugar, sausage, and luncheon.
Dairy products and nuts – and fermented foods (yogurt – cheese – and curd) – alcohol – vinegar – flavourful foods.
Other possibilities to consider include anemia, bowel problems, brain disorders, hypoglycemia, toxic high doses of vitamin A and vitamin B deficiency.

First: herbs:

1- Massage with an ointment made from ginger and mint oil at the back of the neck may be useful in this headache, and we may apply this ointment to the sinus area for sinus headaches.

2- Ginkgo extract improves blood circulation to the brain and may help relieve certain types of headaches.

3- Avoid too much sunlight.

4- Do deep breathing exercises, as lack of oxygen may lead to headaches.

5- We must remove foods containing tyramine, as tyramine increases blood pressure and causes a headache. These foods are tomatoes – spinach – bananas – cheese – chocolate – citrus fruits – herring – fish, and finally yeast products.

6- Also omit foods that contain phenylalanine, which is found in artificial sweeteners that contain aspartame.

7- Avoid products that contain preservatives, such as sausage and luncheon meat, because they contain glutamate, which may cause this headache.

8- Long-term use of aspirin and other analgesics without consulting a doctor may worsen chronic headaches.

9- It is necessary to eat fiber daily to avoid constipation, as constipation is a common cause of headaches.

10- To prevent headaches, eat small meals, and every between meals to avoid extreme fluctuations in blood sugar level. The food includes almonds, parsley, fennel, garlic, and pineapple.

11- Make sure you get enough sleep and eat calcium before bed to aid sleep.

12- Eat nothing sweet after five in the evening.

13- If a headache appears while taking the contraceptive pill, one must consult a doctor to switch to another type because some pills lead to a lack of vitamin B, leading to a headache.

And the last tip: If you have a total headache, keep a small notebook to record the headaches, help the doctor know the situation, and know the causes that may be nutritional; it is possible to avoid foods and habits that may increase headaches.


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