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Stunning world records. It will give you chills.

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Everyone would dream of breaking a world record, becoming famous, and being recognized by the whole world as “THE” holder of a particular title! While in some cases the records seem to have come straight from the overflowing imagination of a Z-series filmmaker, there are other accolades, however, that reward absolutely extraordinary skills.

You will see a young Japanese man capable of sticking cans to his skin, Illayaram Sekar, who can make a Rubix cube underwater and in apnea, or even the French Alain Robert who climbs the highest roofs in the world with his bare hands and without assistance. . Make yourself comfortable, because the 10 world records you will see today are sure to give you goosebumps. Let’s go for a good dose of adrenaline!

Crazy nut-breaking record.

Source: Youtube

Look at this man. If you think he is crazy, I will tell you no; on the contrary; he has his head well on his shoulders! In any case, he has every interest because it is thanks to her that he was able to win a record … not very ordinary! His name is Mohammad Rashid Naseem, and he has a tough head!

And that’s not just a way of speaking. This 30-year-old Pakistani man manages to break a completely absurd but utterly incredible world record. With his forehead, this man managed to crack 247 nuts in a row.

An amazing service.
In this footage, Mohammad performs a “shattering” performance at an event at a high school in Karachi.

As soon as the performance opens, the man rushes like a raging bull on the two nut lines. These are placed under his nose that he bursts mercilessly with a ball.

Source: sputniknews

The performance is not timed, but Mohammed is instructed to stop when he can’t take it anymore or misses a nut. And Mohammad is very tenacious because he immediately returns to the slaughter as soon as he takes a breath.

To achieve such a feat, the young man had to do beforehand a colossal job on himself. In addition to intense training, he learned to control pain and maintain the motivation necessary to excel.

Also, the record for exploded watermelons.
The Pakistani, who plans to break more records, has made it his mission to hold 50 titles in all. A great fan of martial arts, the modern-day “nutcracker” already holds the most smashed coconuts record. Also exploded watermelons and cans uncapped in a minute.

Source: le dauphine

Now, when he says he’s going to break everything, well, he really does! Mohammad also holds the record for the most cans crushed with his elbow, for a change!

You tell me what the point of doing all this is? No idea. In any case, if that sounds like a real headache to you, for him, it is not at all!

Record for head-mounted beverage cans.

Source: Youtube

Here, speaking of cans! If there’s one that doesn’t lack air, it’s Shunichi Kanno, since his specialty is getting cans to stick to his skin by sucking in air.

Does that sound absurd to you? To us too! This young Japanese is the lucky holder of the record for the most cans placed on the head by suction.

When he manages to place all the cans on his face, Shunichi then tries to pour their contents into glasses without putting a drop on the floor!

Incredible talent and such a crazy record!

Shunichi discovered this “incredible” talent when he was still in college. Everyone thought that he had a big forehead and that he had to take advantage of this physical peculiarity.

In the early days, he could only glue one can this way, today he can glue several without a problem.

Source: Guinness world records

He didn’t think that “heavenly gift” could secure him a world title until one day, he stumbled upon the video of Jamie Keeton, the former world record holder. It then took him 6 months of intensive practice to get past his new rival.

Today, Shunichi hopes to attempt another Guinness World Records title, that of most cans placed on the body using the same suction technique. Obviously, this activity sticks to him!

Record of Rubik’s cubes solved underwater.

Source: Youtube

We’ve all played a Rubik’s Cube at least once, haven’t we? Some find this game fun, others find it complicated, and still, others find it boring and not very exciting! A bit like Illayaram Sekar.

This young Indian living in Chennai thought of a new way of playing the most popular game of the century, by combining physical endurance and mental skills! And the result is… breathtaking!

A new, unusual record.

Indeed, Illayaram challenged himself to solve the Rubik’s underwater, and freediving what is more! He managed to solve 6 Rubik’s in record time: 2 minutes and 17 seconds without interruption in each puzzle.

As a result, he was able to break the previous record of five cubes, which earned him the new Guinness World Records title for Rubik’s Cube solved underwater.

Source: Guinness world records

The challenge was performed inside a waterproof transparent basin that allowed the filming equipment to capture every young man’s movement.

Sitting in a Yoga position, Illayaram wowed everyone present at that time! This special meditation posture called Pranayama, according to him, allows you to spend long periods underwater.

He does not intend to stop there!

The funniest part of the story is that Illayaram said he had never learned to swim! The one who started practicing this unusual discipline in 2013 during his years at university aims even further.

He plans to beat the Rubik’s Cube records solved on a unicycle, as well as the Rubik’s Cube record solved with one hand.

When I think about myself, I can’t solve it even with two hands, slumped on my couch, and with the solution in front of my eyes!

Lift bricks with his eyelids.

Source: letribunaldunet

It would seem that the term “Masochist” perfectly matches the profile of Ghoulam Farouk. This Pakistani fakir can inflict excruciating weight and extreme pain on his body.

To sum up, he can pull an entire minivan with the force of his jaws, bend iron bars with his teeth, attach himself to a moving motorcycle with a collar of barbed wire around his neck.

In addition to being run over by a car, lifting 4kg bricks with your eyelids, or even standing on a carpet of sharp nails, a daily life that does not lack spice in short!

He can stand up to all the evidence.

This father of four children does what he calls his “job” in the street in front of the distress of passers-by, hoping that one day he will be spotted and become famous! He learned how to do it thanks to a big name in the system, Professor Sher Jan Baloch.

His body has an incredible capacity to withstand all trials. The Pakistani wants to enter the Guinness Book of Records and is training “hard” to get there.

Crazy record for most broken coconut.

Source: Youtube

This Indian holds the record for the most broken coconuts, and beware… blindfolded!

On the set, he was served a man lying surrounded by coconuts, which the Indian had to smash with a huge hammer while blindfolded. Not sure that it is beneficial; in any case, he knew how to take up the challenge “with his eyes closed”!

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