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Strowman comments on the manner in which his match with Keith Lee ended

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We saw two giants in Raw go into a hot fight in WWE last night as Brown Strowman beat Keith Lee.
Brown Strowman suffered a loss to Roman Reigns at Smackdown but it didn’t end like this at Raw, as Strowman beat his opponent Keith Lee with a kick down below before punching him with a foot kick and that was enough for him to win.

Keith Lee’s attack on Strowman

After the match, Strowman published a tweet commenting on the match and Keith Lee’s treacherous attack, as if Keith Lee wanted to have the last laugh in the match.
Keith Lee was unhappy with the way Strowman won and attacked the wrestler nicknamed the Monster with a downward punch as well.
Strowman wrote, commenting: “The monster 1 Dragon 0 .. I told you that I am not the one with whom you can make your name..maybe you had the last laugh yesterday but wait until I get my hands on you again when I am in the best condition.”
Braun Strowman needed this win after he lost the WWE Universal title last week at the hands of Roman Reigns, but it is clear his animosity with Keith Lee will last long.

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