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Kevin Owens expresses his anger at the WWE Ranking

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The official WWE Wrestling Federation account posted a  tweet with a fictional scenario for the fans. They are SmackDown manager and choose potential competitors for several different titles in this section.
Wrestler Kevin Owens noticed the tweet and was not very happy when he saw that he was in the category of “Intercontinental.” Owens made it clear that he does not refuse to compete for the Intercontinental Belt, but he thinks it is the wrong classification.
Wrestler Drew Gullac hilariously interacted with that tweet, saying that Kevin Owens would be a great female hero on SmackDown.

Kevin Owens is not happy with his nomination for the Intercontinental title.

Sportskeeda, on the other hand, finds Kevin Owens’ tweet logical, given his achievements and past levels at WWE.
Kevin Owens was recently reinstated to Smackdown and is one of the biggest names currently in the division for 2020, a former world champion who held the title for several months before losing it to Goldberg in 2017.
Owens understands what it means to be a superhero and then introduces as a contender for the Intercontinental title; it’s something he definitely won’t be happy with.

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