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A 26 year old woman adopted 14 African children.

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Letty McMaster is a 26-year-old young woman who has decided to adopt 14 African orphans. Her decision is made after working in an orphanage in Tanzania for 3 years.

At the age of 18, Letty McMaster decided to take a year off and go to Tanzania to help out in an orphanage. When she left, her parents were very anxious.

“They were worried because I was too far away. But my family and friends have always supported me. I chose Tanzania after seeing figures showing hundreds of thousands of children living on the streets,” said declared the young woman.

I took a year off and ended up staying for three years.

Once there, Letty noticed that the children at the orphanage were physically and mentally abused. They only ate once a day and were also victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Many orphanages are like these. She said it was all just a ploy to make money and take advantage of the children. The abuse was horrible. I’m sure the Westerners who gave the money thought they were helping, but they caused a lot of damage. ”

Letty adopted 14 children.

When the orphanage closed its doors, the young woman initially decided to adopt 9 children who would have found themselves homeless.

“I’m like a mom raising teenagers. These children are my whole life. I spend long hours with them. I am the parental figure of the house. Some of the little boys who have never had parents think of me as their mother, but most see me as a big sister because I am not much older than some of them, ”said Letty.

At 26, she now lives with 14 orphans in a house in Iringa, Tanzania. “I wanted to create a place where children would be safe and loved, and no longer be treated like they were in a zoo. “

The orphans were found on the streets.

By becoming their legal guardian, Letty helped the children get by. They all suffered a lot. Eliah, one of the boys, was found wandering the street after he had just lost his mother. Fred, meanwhile, lived in a dump and hadn’t eaten in days. After losing his parents, Iddy joined street gangs.

Fred and Elijah. Photo credit: Letty McMaster / SENS

Today the children have all made it. Some have become the best in their schools, have entered prestigious universities, while others have become talented musicians.

“Since having a home, they have all excelled in education and all aspects of their lives. Seeing their drive, determination, and success makes me realize that everything I have done has been worth it, ”said Letty proudly.

Letty wants to continue helping.

The young Briton also has a second house, open three days a week, in which she takes in other children, gives them shelter and food. At night, she roams the city to find other orphans.

Photo credit: Letty McMaster / SWNS

“There are always some who need help. The hardest part is getting financing. Over the next five years, I plan to help as many people as possible get off the streets. If they are not guided along a path, they often end up in gangs, with the risk of ending up in prison or dying, ”she says.

Letty found the money to raise them through a UK charity called Street Children Iringa, which she started on her own. Thanks to this association, she raised funds to pay for the children’s medical expenses and school supplies.
Letty now lives in Iringa nine months a year. The rest of the year, she returns to the UK to raise funds by organizing charity events.


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