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WWE legend flogging Triple H: I didn’t get your support before I was fired

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Former WWE legend and commentator Jim Ross, who is currently in AEW, has criticized Triple H for having failed to gain support from him before his expulsion from WWE.

Jim Ross was fired from WWE in 2005 and was waiting for support from Triple H, who helped him a lot in his managerial position, but that didn’t happen.

Jim Ross criticizes Triple H’s behavior with him.

“When Triple H became director, we didn’t have many successful negotiations,” said Sportskeeda, Jim Ross.

Jim Ross revealed that he was the reason Triple H was awarded the $ 1 million contract.

He got the contract he wanted because of me, and it was important to him. I think he just took over from Vince McMahon,” he added.

“Then Triple H said to me looking sternly,” Are you sure no one has a better deal? ” I told him yes, do you suspect me? He said, “No, I just wanted to make sure.”

“I was very disappointed after I did not get enough support from him before I was expelled from the union,” he added.

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