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A small albino shark is found with only one eye.

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On October 10 in Indonesia, fishers had the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered a white shark with only one eye in the center of its head.

The scene in question took place in the province of Moluccas (in Indonesian Maluku, editor’s note), an area formed by many islands and located in the east of the country. The young albino shark, which appears to be a baby, was found in an adult specimen’s belly that died after becoming entangled in fishing nets.

Indeed, when opening the adult shark’s belly to clean it and remove the intestines, the group of sailors came face to face with the small specimen, which with its single eye, does not fail to remind the Cyclops of the Greek mythology. With him were also two other babies of the same color but with two eyes.

According to Andy, a 29-year-old fisherman who was there on the day of the find, the most likely theory is that the adult shark was pregnant when it got stuck in the nets. “We spotted the three young little sharks in the stomach, but one of them was particularly bizarre and only had one eye. Its color was also surprising with a white comparable to that of milk,” adds Andy.

Following this extraordinary meeting, the latter hastened to inform the local maritime office and give them this unique specimen. Unfortunately, the young Cyclops shark was already dead when the group of fishermen picked him up.


A specimen of an albino shark and victim of cyclopia
After analyzing this absolutely unique baby shark, specialists have come to the following conclusions: he not only suffers from albinism, a disease which forces the body to produce small amounts of melanin (dark biological pigments which are particularly responsible for the coloring of the skin in the animal kingdom), but also of a congenital malformation called cyclopia, it is a deformation of birth that creates the fusion of the two orbits and the presence of a single eye in the middle of the forehead. That being said, it is scarce to see the same individual in nature subject to these two anomalies.

Recently, Jason Gillespie, another fisherman who sailed in the English Channel, had already lifted a totally white shark measuring about three feet from the water. He testifies: “I have been doing this job for 30 years and I have never seen one like this. Apparently, he would have lost the color pigments from his skin. I caught him last Tuesday off the Isle of Wight, not far from Bournemouth. What were my chances of crossing such an animal? I don’t know, maybe one in a million, I won’t see any more. In general, albino animals have a hard time surviving and reaching adulthood because they do not take advantage of their camouflage ability and are therefore easily spotted by predators. We released him quickly and hoped he could take that step. ”


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