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Who was Rania, the social media star with progeria

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Since Thursday, October 15, the Internet universe has been in mourning. And for a good reason! French social media star Rania has died. Barely 16 years old, the young girl actually had Progeria, a rare disease causing premature and accelerated aging. Known for her courage in the face of illness and her permanent good humor, Rania has now considered a true symbol of resilience thanks to her joie de vivre.

So who was Rania? What exactly was this disease that took this young girl away? And above all, in what circumstances did she pass from life to death? These are the questions, and many more, that we will attempt to answer today.

Who was Rania? The girl with progeria.

Source: union

Originally from Annemasse, in Haute-Savoie, the young Rania, aged 16, has become a star on the Web. Also known as Didek 74, the teenager is followed by more than 335,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and by 742,000 people on Instagram.

As for his TikTok account, it had no less than 885,000 subscribers. This is to say how much the young girl is very popular with Internet users.

But the most surprising thing is that Rania, the girl with progeria, gained most of her subscribers in a concise period of time. Indeed, it was in September 2020 that the girl’s popularity skyrocketed.

Humorous videos with GameMixTreize.

Source: Youtube

On that date, she had met her favorite YouTuber, “GameMixTreize,” followed by 3.5 million fans. The latter said that Rania had donated to him on the streaming platform, Twitch and that she had asked him to add it on several occasions.

Since then, the two influencers have become inseparable. And they quickly made the buzz thanks to humorous videos, where we can see the young girl showing her strong character—also his flowery vocabulary and his joie de vivre.

Rania principle: all in a good mood!
And unsurprisingly, internet users weren’t the only ones interested in Rania. The media, too, have been talking about the teenager.

Source: la province

This is also the case in 2011 with “Le Dauphine.” But also of the “Health Magazine” of France 5 which had carried out, last September 30, the portrait of the young girl. It was then discovered that Rania had decided to drop out of school to achieve her dreams of becoming famous. Something she realized very quickly.

However, the life of the Annemassian, passionate about video games, has not always been easy. Why? Well, quite simply because of his unusual physique. As a result, malicious glances could not be counted at your fingertips.

Hurtful reviews, but Rania prefers to laugh.

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Far from there! On social networks, too, many Internet users have criticized him for his exceptional appearance. Thankfully her family and friends were there to stand up for her, although Rania didn’t seem to care more than that about the negative comments. Quite the contrary!

Influencer Rania’s touching statement
In truth, Rania was the first to deride herself! She said, “if you can’t laugh at yourself, you can’t laugh at anything.” Before adding, “If I take criticism badly, it would be pointless for me to show up or go on social media. Because in any case there will always be people to talk (…) so I would rather laugh than get upset “.

Therefore, instead of reacting, the teenager prefers to laugh and enjoy every moment she has left. Because, yes, Rania did, in fact, have a sporadic disease. And from a young age, she knew full well that she couldn’t live very long.

Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome.

Source: mobile. all doctors

Yep, unfortunately, Rania had Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome, also known as progeria. This is a sporadic genetic disease that affects between 100 and 200 people worldwide. Rania was one of three people in France to suffer from it.

Very little known and even less publicized because of its rarity, this syndrome is, in fact, characterized by a delay in growth, around 24 months.

The person will have thin, wrinkled skin and suffer from hair loss, accelerated and uncontrollable aging of most organs, muscular, skeletal, and cardiovascular disorders.

And in addition to all this, the disease also leads sufferers to have short stature and meager weight, around 20 kilos.

A fatal disease around the age of 14
And if Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome is certainly reminiscent of the film called “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with Brad Pitt, there are hardly any similarities since people who have this disease do not get any younger over time. . Worse, the disease is even fatal in all cases, around the age of 13 or 14 years.

Fortunately, this syndrome spares brain functions. In fact, Rania was even unanimously recognized for her intelligence and quick wit.

Endowed with a natural sympathy
So much so that she even became somewhat of Annemasse’s “mascot.” Nevertheless, her illness was still disabling for the young girl.

Especially since she admitted to having had osteoarthritis before joking, “I don’t have Alzheimer’s yet, so I’m fine.” Yep, Rania never lost her sense of humor!

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