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Strange things you will only see in Dubai

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A true paradise for reality TV stars, Dubai has established itself in recent years as the city of all excess. Luxury vehicles completely covered in gold, wild animals on a leash, the fastest ambulances on the planet …

In short, you will understand that today, we will take a tour of these things that only the most imaginative fortunes could have developed! So be prepared not to believe your eyes on your way to the Top 10 Weirdest Things You Will Only See In Dubai!

Prestigious cars abandoned.

Source: Africa

In Dubai, as in almost every major city globally, it is not uncommon to come across a car wreck that has been abandoned to its fate, accumulating rust and dust in general indifference. Yep, these are the weird things you will only find in Dubai.

But unlike any other city in the world, abandoned cars in Dubai are typically worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And they are among the car models of the most prestigious brands.

Bentley, Ferrari, or Lamborghini are thus abandoned at the bend of an alley or littering the Dubai International Airport parking lot.

The great mystery of Dubai!

Of course, you would think that Dubai’s people are so rich that they allow themselves to throw away they’re $ 1 million cars like they would throw away an old toothbrush. But the truth is quite different.

Source: Africa

Indeed, it is on the side of the law and the legal system that we must seek the explanation behind this practice. Since in Dubai, bad payers are badly handled. In fact, any unpaid loan is likely to send you to prison.

People in default of payment and who risk jail are forced to leave the country in a hurry. Going so far as to abandon their luxury cars at the mercy of the elements despite themselves.

Buy gold bars from vending machines.

Source: the tribune

Tired of soda or candy dispensers? In Dubai, the realm of excess, you can easily buy gold bars from vending machines. Yes, you heard very well!

The city of Dubai is one of the few in the world to have a vending machine that allows the purchase of genuine bars and other solid gold coins. Installed at the Emirates Palace hotel, this dispenser allows any passer-by to afford a few precious yellow metal grams.

And yet, more than 100 units are withdrawn per day.

And given the rising trend in the value of gold, it can be said that this luxurious machine has literally been taken by storm, with the distributor sometimes selling more than 100 units per day.

Faced with such enthusiasm, we can only assume that the next distributors in Dubai will offer precious stones. Or even diamonds of several carats, to cut and cut on request.

Skiing in Dubai, such a strange thing.

Source: lemonade

How to ski on anything other than stand in the middle of the desert? It seems that the Emirate of Dubai has found the answer to this insane question since it is home to the 3rd largest ski resort in the world, except that it was created from scratch and is not on the side of a Mountain.

Located in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai (pronounced kai) thus consists of 22,500 m2 of slopes covered with real snow, accessible throughout the year, ideally suited for skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and bobsleighing.

Perfect temperature for skiing
And if outside, the thermometer sometimes approaches 50 ° C and the heatwave is in full swing, Ski Dubai maintains a refreshing temperature of between -1 ° and -2 °, ideal for practicing winter sports.


Source: gulfnews

The complex is so huge that there is even a cable car to go up the slopes, as in any self-respecting ski resort. And if you thought you were at the end of your surprise skiing in the middle of the desert, think again!

Because you can come across a real small colony of Arctic penguins at the bend of a track! A meeting you will not soon forget.

Dubai Police Cars.

Source: europe1

It is not good to be a criminal, let alone in Dubai! Indeed, in addition to the fact that the country’s laws are extremely rigorous in terms of punishments. It is also particularly difficult, if not impossible, to escape the Dubaiote police.

Indeed, all chases end up to the police’s advantage, for the simple reason that they have a veritable stable of great racing cars.

Police officers in Lamborghinis Aventador
The small emirate police officers are indeed equipped with several Lamborghinis Aventador, Ferrari FF, and even Bugatti Veyron.

Source: destination-Dubai

With these asphalt rockets, the police can reach crazy speeds of up to 400 km / h, enough to put off even the most seasoned criminals in the Fast and Furious franchise.

The Emirati law enforcement agencies’ fleet would thus be worth several million dollars, which shows that in the Emirates, crime does not pay; it is rather the law enforcement agencies who are well off.

If that vehicle panel isn’t enough to make all the kids want to be a police officer, then I don’t know what will!

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