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7 largest crocodiles on the planet

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In the collective imagination, crocodiles are certainly the terrifying animals that we can think of. Their gigantic jawbones, their scaly skin impervious to any aggression and their bellicose attitude and always ready to surprise us, make of his animal’s incredible terrors on legs.

What if I told you that some of them could also reach phenomenal sizes and exceed school buses? Discover today Brutus the terror of Australia, Gustave the murderer of the Nile, or Lolong the terrible slayer of the Philippines between others in the largest crocodiles on the planet. Hang in there. It starts right away.

Source: Youtube

Playing golf is a priori a pleasure sport. But hey … we said “a priori,” because there are times when this sport can give you a real sweat … cold also!

And for that, you have to be in the United States and more precisely in Florida, a place famous for sheltering the largest crocodiles in the world.

Charles Helmes, a golfer, was in the middle of an 18-hole course with a friend, on the Palmetto golf course, when suddenly, the two men saw pass before their amazing eyes, a huge alligator of 4, 5m.

A truly extraordinary scene.

Of course, it didn’t take long for them to grab their phones and capture the scene, despite the crippling fear they felt. And what they thought was a hoax at first turned out to be totally true.

Interviewed by ABC Action News, the golfer said he had remained glued to the beast. He also confided that the animal lying on the lawn then got up to take the direction of the lake! It was apparently too hot for him on the green!

Although it seems incredible, this scene is not the first one the club’s occupants have witnessed. According to the Buffalo Creek Golf Course employees, this crocodile was even part of the scenery, well, if we can use that term!

Source: abcnews

The animal was actually an inhabitant of the place. Reportedly, he didn’t bother, and no one hurt him! He ended up becoming a Buffalo Creek mascot.

You have to remember to display the sign “attention crocodile in freedom” … yes … to warn people!

Cassius, an old alligator.

Source: planet

Have you ever heard of Cassius? No, we are not talking about the illustrious boxing champion, whatever! The Cassius we are talking about here is actually one of the largest crocodiles on earth.

This marine crocodile was recognized in 2011 by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest crocodile in captivity.

He has since been passed by Lolong, who we’ll tell you about a bit later, but that doesn’t take away from his terrifying looks.

The oldest of the crocodiles
This male, captured in 1984 and since residing at Marineland Crocodile Park Zoo in Queensland, Australia, is about 5.5m long. And it weighs almost a ton and a half … well 1300 kg to be exact.

According to those looking after him, Cassius is more than 112 years old, while the average life expectancy for his species’ crocodiles is 90 years. So Cassius may not be the tallest anymore, but he is certainly the oldest of all crocodiles.


Source: planet

The dean, reputed to be a great warrior, has kept many vestiges of his long years of fighting and hunting in the wild. Result of the races: he has a piece of his muzzle missing, a left leg was half torn off, and he is also missing a piece of his tail.

Cassius was known to tackle the large boats that lined the waters of the river where he lived. In other words: nothing intimidated him. Do you now understand better the connection with boxer Cassius Clay?

Today the animal still lives at Marineland Zoo, near the Great Barrier Reef. And do not worry, especially about him… there are happy days there…

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