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Google allows you to access songs by humming, whistling or singing.

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Google's algorithm basically comes up 
with a digital pattern that represents 
the core of the song (Google)
Google added a new feature that allows you to access a specific song by humming, whistling, or singing. This feature is supported by machine learning algorithms developed by the American company.
Users will be able to open the latest version of the Google mobile app or Google search tool, then click on the microphone icon, or verbally request to search for a song or press the “Search for a song” button, then start hums or whistles the song.
The feature will be available to anyone who uses Google in English on Apple’s smartphone operating system (iOS), or through more than 20 languages ​​already present on the Android system.
The company says it will work to increase users in more languages ​​on both platforms in the future.
She says her matching technology will not require you to be a singer, as the algorithm essentially creates a digital pattern that represents the essence of the song, or what Google calls a “fingerprint.”
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