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The decline in the market value of Mbabi revives hopes of Real Madrid to join him

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Paris Saint-Germain striker, 
Kylian Mbappe
A report by the Spanish newspaper “AS” indicated that the decline in the market value of Paris Saint-Germain striker, Kylian Mbappe, would revive the hopes of Real Madrid in joining him.
The market value of the French star reached 180 million euros, according to “Transfer Market” statistics, after its value was around 200 million euros.
Mbappe continues his pressure on Saint Germain, in light of the end of his contract with the club in June 2022, amid the French desire to renew him at any price, and they proposed an offer of 150 million euros annually for 5 seasons, but the French striker is still eluding, which gives the royal club hope In hiring him.
Next summer will be decisive for Mbappe’s career, as the French club will find itself faced with two options, either selling it or renewing its contract, and in the event of failure in the second option, his departure will be free in 2022.
“AS” indicated that Mbabe’s current market value refers to two things, the first is that the club pays less than its price in the market, especially that the player will be in his last season and can be contracted for free within a year, and from here, his price can range between 130 or 150. One million euros.
Saint-Germain’s agreement to sell his icon at a fraction of its current value in the transfer market would be difficult, so the idea of ​​the French club negotiating a price less than 180 million euros seems excluded, and if they decide to leave, they will need to make it the most expensive deal in the club’s history.
On the other hand, the financial situation of the royal club will have the final word on Mbabi’s deal, especially since Real Madrid is aware of the possibility of facilitating the matter and making it accessible, in light of not paying any euros in the last transfer market, but their material position next summer will depend on the development of the epidemic events Corona.

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