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The benefits of sea foam are immense

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Sea Foam.
Sea Foam is one of the natural phenomena that occur in the seas by mixing what the sea carries of organic materials, impurities, dead plants, salts, and rotting fish together to form a light foam. It may extend to a distance of 50 kilometers. Scientists explain this strange phenomenon such as putting milk in a mixer and mixing it Rapidly, which leads to the formation of foam on its surface, where the more violent the wave movement, the greater the amount of foam, and it is said that the foam is formed in cases of rapid movements resulting from violent torrents or a hurricane that hits the sea where the foam is light and volatilize and evaporates with the air, and a small amount of water may suffice To create a large amount of butter.

Sea Foam Benefits.

It is used to enlarge the size of the breast in women. As small breasts in some women may cause them some psychological problems because they believe that large breasts are a paralyzing form of female beauty so that this problem can be eliminated by the following:

Bring a piece of seafoam and grind fine like powder.
Mix half a spoonful of this powder with a cup of water and two spoons of rose water.
Massage the chest with this mixture from the bottom up before going to sleep and leave it until the morning, taking into account not to wear a bra during sleep.

It is used in the treatment of melasma and getting rid of wrinkles in the skin by bringing powdered sea butter in addition to bitter almond oil and leaving it for a week with moving the bottle every day and exposing it to the sun, then applying it to the face and skin at night until the morning, then wash with chamomile water.

Seafoam helps to tighten flabby, especially after childbirth or losing weight, by bringing powdered sea butter and mixing with Vaseline, kneading and rubbing it on the flabby areas, and leaving it for three hours and then washing off.

It also benefits men: as some men complain about the small size of their penis, so you find them looking for ways to enlarge the size and obtain a suitable size, believing that this is useful in an intimate relationship knowing that the normal size of the penis when a full erection is (14) cm even if it was It does not affect the relationship or procreation, but for those who wish to do that, they can use sea butter powder and add the ring powder to it evenly and mix and then put it in a bottle and be in a warm place for a period of (10) days, then apply the mixture with the mixture the urethral area twice a day and massage and do a light massage of the penis This process is repeated until the appropriate size is obtained.

Sea foaming powder is used to treat acne, scabies, vitiligo, alopecia, freckles, and leprosy, i.e., all the diseases that cause peeling skin.

It treats dysuria, bladder, and kidney stones.

It is used in teeth whitening by rubbing the teeth gently with a piece of seafoam.

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