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The 10 most unusual children in the world

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In today’s list, you will discover Abdul and Shoaib, two Pakistani brothers who fall into a sort of coma as soon as night falls and return to their normal state in the first light of day. We will also tell you about Gohil, who was born with a heart defect that causes the heart organ to sit in the chest.

Little Ryusei Imai will surprise you with a bodybuilder physique that systematically creates amazement in anyone who sees him. Or Alexandra Siang, who has quickly become a real star of social networks with her small stature and unusual physique. Make yourself comfortable, because today you will discover these four stories and much more in the 10 most unusual children in the world. Without further ado, let’s discover them together!

They are brothers, they are Pakistani, and they are called the “solar children,” Abdul Rasheed, 9, and his brother Shoaib Ahmed, 13. And they have turned their country upside down by the strange evil from which they are suffering.

Coming from a large and modest family around Islamabad, the two little boys are active, play, and have fun during the day.

As long as the sun is shining, all is well; Abdul Rasheed and Shoaib Ahmed are completely normal. But all it takes is nightfall for them to fall into a sort of coma. In other words, they can no longer move, speak, or eat. The next day, at the first light of the day, they return to their normal state.

Strange children!

A situation so difficult to manage but especially to understand for their parents. The two little boys are immediately taken care of free of charge by a hospital in the capital where their case is carefully studied.

There, they are given blood tests and analyzes. The soil and the air of their village came under a magnifying glass. No result. Doctors are unable to make a diagnosis.

Source: pairs match

The thesis, which would imply any congenital disease, is rejected even though Abdul Rasheed and Shoaib Ahmed’s parents are first cousins.

Research still in progress.

It should be noted that consanguineous unions are still prevalent in Pakistan and all the neighboring countries. And this despite the defects it could cause in the long term.

Hoping to find an answer and, above all, a cure, the hospital sends blood samples from the two brothers to medical organizations abroad.

Until now, science has been unable to find a conclusive answer for these solar children’s cases. The assumption that the symptoms will go away once they reach adulthood would be a probability.

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“A miracle of medicine” is how Arpit Gohil, an 18-year-old Indian, is defined! And for a good reason, Gohil was born with a malformation of the heart called Cantrell’s pathology.

The case where the heart organ is not in its usual place. Rather, it is found in the thorax, which, although not unique in its kind, is nonetheless rare.

An unusual malformation.
There are only 165 cases worldwide with the same condition. Also, there are only 50 cases that have reached the age of 12.

Arpit was born with his heart in the middle of his rib cage. It is protected only by a thin layer of the epidermis. A malformation which exposes him every day to an imminent death such as a fall, a movement too sudden could be fatal!

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Arpit Gohil lives on his father’s farm and has always led a normal life, engaging in a country’s physical activities. He drives the tractor and takes part in all agricultural work.

His father says Arpit has always been doing well. And he never suffered anything despite his condition—apparently iron health, which made parents never think of having him examined by a specialist.

Asked, Doctors are unanimous: Arpit could not live like that an operation would be necessary sooner or later in the long term. Now aware of his case’s seriousness, Arpit spoke of the possibility of having surgery in the future. And this even if he and his relatives do not consider it necessary.

Source: Imgur

By the early 1970s, Bruce Lee and his spectacular jumps introduced martial arts in the most glamorous way to non-Asian audiences.

While older generations raved about his flexibility and ability to fight against all the bad guys on earth, the legendary Chinese-American actor has now joined the list of kitsch big screen figures.

A big fan of Bruce Lee.

With all due respect to his fans, who even today continue to pay him a resounding tribute. And how to pay homage to Bruce Lee if it is only by being as flexible, tenacious, and disciplined as him!

This is the challenge that eight-year-old Japanese Ryusei Imai set for himself. Born in 2011 in Nara Prefecture, Ryusei watched Bruce Lee movies even before learning to walk.


Since then, his passion for his idol has continued to grow and develop to the point that he has made it a goal: to have the same physique as his mentor.

According to his father, Ryusei has a strict schedule: he gets up every day at six in the morning and exercises before going to school; on his return, training starts again because the little one boy devotes no less than 4:30 a day!

A feat that could offend more than one parent, but this is not the case with Ryusei’s father, who is only in admiration of his little boy’s prowess.

We blame his parents, but this strange child trains alone.

At six years old, Ryusei perfectly reproduces Nunchaku’s intricate movement, inspired by the movie “Game of Death.” A video made viral is widely shared around the world, making him popular in the process.



Source: china daily.

If his bodybuilder physique commands his followers’ admiration, there are still those who accuse his parents of exploiting him for material ends.

A rumor was denied by Ryusei’s father, who assures him that the latter was passionate about the actor on his own. And that no one has ever forced him to train so frenetically to become a star.



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