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Mohamed 35 and Iris 80 are expected to get married in Cairo

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They say that love has its reasons that reason does not know. In fact, many people today think that age is just a number and that you have the right to date whoever you want.

This is the case of Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham, 35, who met Iris Jones, 80, on Facebook. This is where their love story began. Now, the two lovebirds plan to get married.

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Iris Jones, an 80-year-old British woman, and Mohamed Ibrahim, 35, met on Facebook. And since then, their love story has caused a stir on the web, mainly because of their age difference. Yet Mohamed maintains that their relationship is genuine.

The young man says he fell in love the moment Iris arrived at Cairo airport. He said: “I was very nervous, but the moment I saw her, I knew it was real love.” Before adding, “I am fortunate to have found a woman like her.”

A wedding plan
Within hours of their meeting, Iris and Mohamed’s wedding was already in the pipeline. It was actually a ceremony that only allowed two people to share a bed in Egypt.

But Iris and Mohamed do intend to get married officially. For this, the octogenarian must return to Egypt so that his marriage to the young man can be registered with the British embassy.

Indeed, she did not have the necessary documents last November. She will now have to provide proof of divorce and a certificate stating that she is free to marry.

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However, Iris’s two sons Steve, 54, and Darren, 53, have expressed concerns over their mother’s relationship with Mohamed. To reassure them, the Egyptian replied that he would be happy to visit them.

“When they meet me, they will see how much I love their mother and that I will take care of her. They will be happy to have a stepfather like me, ”Mohamed said.

Mohamed looking for a job
The man, who is currently seeking employment and lives in a three-room house with his parents, two sisters, and brother, also responded to concerns over the nature of his marriage to Iris.

So he said, “It doesn’t matter where we live or whether she’s rich or poor, I want to be with her. We will choose the country and the house of their choice, whether it is in the United Kingdom or Egypt.”

And that’s not all! The young man also added that: “People think I’m with her for the wrong reasons. I know Great Britain is a beautiful country and that many people want to go there, but I am ready to live with it all over the world ”.

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Regardless, Iris is pleased to share her life with Mohamed. On “This Morning,” the Brit recounted her meeting with her boyfriend and even touched on their first intimate relationships.

“It was amazing. I felt like a virgin again. It was not easy, but it was very affectionate and romantic. My ex-husband said I was frigid when we got divorced 40 years ago, but now I know I’m not, “she said.

Iris and Mohamed: An unusual relationship
A statement that did not fail to shock a good number of Internet users. So much so that a multitude of people question the sincerity of their relationship. Would the marriage between Iris and Mohamed be a flash in the pan?

But today, the couple doesn’t care what people think. Aware of the unusual side of their relationship, Iris and Mohamed fully live their story, no offense to dictators of good thinking.

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