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Mass death of Botswana’s elephants

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On Monday, the Botswana Wildlife Service announced hundreds of elephants’ mysterious death in the Okavango Delta after being poisoned with cyanobacteria.

Last year the government lifted the ban on hunting elephants, citing the growing conflict between elephants and humans as the cause.

In this South African country, over 300 elephants have died in mysterious circumstances since March of this year. The ivory on the corpses extinguishes speculation that poachers have hunted them.

Last year, over 100 Botswana elephants had died from a suspected outbreak of anthrax, and some of them may have succumbed to drought conditions. But the government believes that anthrax is not the cause of this condition.

Maddy Rubin said that the mysterious death “stopped at the end of June 2020, coinciding with the drying time of the pool.”

According to wildlife authorities, over 340 elephants have died. The blood test results match that cyanobacteria, which causes neurotoxins, caused death.



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