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Witness: It was developed by a Chinese company … the largest payload that a drone can lift

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  EHang Autonomous Aerial Vehicles Corporation launched the new version of its EHang L 216 drone, operating to operate short to medium range air logistics services in both surrounding and rural areas.
With a carrying capacity of 216 flights or 200 kilograms, it is the largest cargo in air logistics operation to date, depending on the type of cargo.
According to the financial consultancy Frost & Sullivan, the global logistics market for urban air mobility will reach $ 46 billion by 2023, a 740% CAGR.
E-Hang L216 Corporation has designed an opportunity to buy market share with its large payload capacity, high safety design, and 8-spoke electric propulsion engineering and new 16 independent motors.
“E-Hang” design allows it to meet the fulfillment of safety, together with the leadership of our group, the power group is in good shape.
The new drone could be particularly useful for transmitting infection in road-related areas. Also, photos for grouping photos can be found as photo flyers, and strong images can be found from photos.
A new addition
CEO, Chairman, and CEO of E-Hang in a press release.
Affiliated airlines have higher emissions and emissions than conventional road transport. “With the increase in payloads and flight range, the first logistics services are expected.”
The E-Hang L216 joins a growing list of drones being developed for a future in which drone delivery of goods and mail is likely to become commonplace.
Although this field’s rise may be very rapid, some researchers say we may not yet be ready for the drones that will take off in the sky soon.


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