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To compete with Amazon and Alibaba … Google plans to turn YouTube into a major shopping destination

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Google is testing ways to integrate Shopify - which is an
 integrated online store - on its platform (Anatolia)
Google aims to transform the YouTube video-sharing platform into a major shopping destination to rival US Amazon and China’s Alibaba.
Bloomberg reported that the platform is testing features that allow viewers to purchase products directly from videos. Some content creators are testing tools via YouTube that allow them to tag products shown in the videos.
The videos’ data can then be tracked to see how these products are performing after being linked to Google analytics and shopping tools.
With the tools in place, viewers will click on and purchase products that appear in the videos there.
A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the company is testing these features with a limited number of video channels. The spokesperson said that the content makers would control the products offered. The company described this as an experiment, without sharing more details.
In addition to its own tools, Google is reportedly testing ways to integrate Shopify – an integrated online store provider – into its platform.
It appears that YouTube tested the “Shopify” integration last year, allowing some content creators to list as many as 12 items for sale on a digital platform under their videos.
It is not clear how YouTube plans to generate profits from direct sales. It appears that content creators will receive a percentage of any sales made through the new initiative, allowing them to diversify revenue other than advertising.
The initiative turns the platform into a major shopping destination, which YouTube does not use enough.
It appears that YouTube has considered turning the platform into a major shopping destination for a while, but has not implemented it accurately.
Bloomberg says that declining marketing budgets and increasing interest in e-commerce have made the initiative a priority in light of this pandemic.
YouTube is a business with revenues of $ 15 billion annually, so opening it to e-commerce would raise this number to new heights.
The platform is full of creators and content makers who promote products through affiliate links. It seems that viewers may very soon be able to buy products directly from the platform and get rid of the middleman – Amazon – completely.



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