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De Bruyne reveals his future with Man City

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Kevin De Bruyne
Manchester City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, expressed his desire to extend his contract with the English club but confirmed that there are no talks between him and his club in this regard at present.
Since joining the club from Wolfsburg in 2015, De Bruyne has won the English Premier League twice with City and won the England Cup once and has won several individual awards.
British media said that the Belgian international, whose current contract expires after two and a half years, is close to signing a new contract with Manchester City to extend the two parties’ links for five years. According to what Reuters reported.
De Bruyne said: “I’m thrilled at the club. I can say now that I haven’t spoken to the club, so I don’t know why people say I have already agreed to some things.”
He added, “I have always told everyone that I am thrilled with the club, and I feel comfortable. Therefore, if the people in charge of the club management want to talk to me, I am ready for that ..”
And the Belgian player, who was awarded the best player in the English Premier League last August, added: “But so far nothing has happened.”
And there were several reports that City wanted to sign the famous Argentine Barcelona star Lionel Messi, and a senior club official said recently that City has the financial capacity to contract with Messi if the opportunity arises next year.
De Bruyne said, “If he joined the club, it would be a beautiful thing. If he did not join, there were enough good players in the club who I enjoyed playing with them.”


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