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Ten years of success. A mysterious future to temp ram

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Instagram had 30 million users and did not produce one million for Mike Krigher and Kevin Sistrum (Reuters)
The acquisition of an Instagram application was the best acquisition by Facebook when he was involved in her network for $ 1 billion, and celebrates this week over 10 years to establish an Instagram and continue success. The newspaper pointed out that the application of “Instagram” when he joined the Facebook Group in 2012, he had 30 million users and did not produce one mike for Mike Kriger and Kevin Systrom.

Today we use more than one billion people and has an impact on Instagram; according to Bloomberg, at least 20 billion dollars of advertising revenues in 2019, a quarter of the Facebook Group revenue, and more than $ 15 billion, which amounted to $ 15 billion during the same period, and the advertising tools for this service
     • A serious threat
and in the face of a success story, the authority of regulation is wondering how appreciated the Federal Trade Commission 2012 for Facebook to acquire on Instagram, a concentrated that 2.7 billion people per month must dismantle the giant of this social media.
The newspaper said Facebook takes this threat seriously, where the Wall Street Journal said unveiled a document drafted by his lawyers, setting the group’s argument against any division and wrote that “dismantling is unlikely to” Above all, Facebook argues that it can not be restored as awarded because the Federal Trade Commission has declined to be baptized and given to Facebook, making Facebook invested in densely in these platforms and integrated technology, so that you are using Instagram The newspaper said Facebook was determined to go further, as announced the merger on September 30 among private messages to Westgram and Facebook, which will provide a unique identifier to contact two social networks, which is what
  • Laws awaiting
However, the social media giant knows that the threat is looming on the horizon on both sides of the Atlantic, as the European Digital Services Act, which will be unveiled at the end of the year, provides for sanctions that amount to dismantling against tech giants who refuse to regulate, according to the newspaper.
In the United States, at the end of the year, the Federal Trade Commission, which has been investigating the matter for a year, will decide whether to take action against Facebook due to monopolistic anti-competitive practices and whether the Instagram acquisition was initially driven by a desire to neutralize a dangerous competitor.
However – as the newspaper says – deputies to the judicial subcommittee responsible for antitrust affairs must present their recommendations on regulating the technology giants. A draft of the text talks about legislative tools to force the dismantling of these groups.
Although the Republican Electoral Commission vehemently opposes this democratic proposal, elected officials on both sides agree that US competition authorities should be better equipped to oversee the GAVA group (initials of the four giants Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) and block some acquisitions.


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