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What is a black hole?

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A black hole is anything you can imagine except for space. So you can imagine an enormous amount of material squeezed into a tiny space. Imagine a giant star 10 times heavier than our Sun, compressed into a sphere the diameter of New York City. The result is a powerful gravitational field, which nothing can escape.

“John Mitchell” sent a letter to “Henry Cavendish” discussing the limitations of light speed.
A “heavy object” and a “dense” space are so massive that even light cannot escape from it. In 1796, the French scientist “Pierre Simon Laplace” brought this idea back to the fore in his book “Introduction to the Cosmic System.” The theory of “general relativity” remains the most famous theory ever. Einstein predicted black holes and showed that when a star dies Massive, it leaves behind a very dense and small residue. Show solving these equations
The theory is that if the remnant’s mass is more than about three times the mass of the sun, then the force of gravity overcomes all other forces, resulting in a black hole. And the physicist “John Wheeler” is the first to use the term “hole Black “1967.” In recent years, theoretical physics research has focused on studying black holes intensively, and perhaps the physicist, Stephen Hawking, is one of the most famous physicists studying the subject of holes
Scientists cannot directly observe black holes with telescopes that detect X-rays or
Light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation. We can deduce their existence and study them.
By revealing its effect on the material close to it. For example, when a black hole passes through a cloud of stellar matter, it will attract it to its center in a process known as “accretion.” The same process occurs.
If a small star passes near a black hole, in this case, it can devour a part of the star and pull it to its center, so the attracted material speeds up and its temperature rises, and X-rays are emitted from it that radiate in
Recent discoveries provide bewildering clues about the effect black holes have on surrounding objects.
(Strong gamma rays emission in the form of pulses (shots) that devour nearby stars, stimulating other growth in some
Regions, while stopping him in other stars. , And NASA has, in recent years, painted a modern picture of these strange objects and the most wonderful in space.

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