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Fasting blood sugar

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Fasting blood sugar is the measurement in the blood level of the glucose; this analysis is done by a blood test taken in the laboratory.

What is blood sugar?

Blood sugar is the level of concentration of sugar in the blood. Its values ​​change from time to time throughout the day, depending on an individual’s food intake.

The pancreas is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels in the body, thanks to a hormone secreted by the pancreas into the blood, insulin. The pancreas’ poor function is the cause of diabetes, which is excess glucose (sugar) in the blood.

Therefore, measuring blood sugar makes it possible to check whether the body can properly regulate the concentration of sugar in the blood.

Why do this test on an empty stomach?

By definition, fasting blood sugar is not influenced by a meal, so it is only sensitive to the concentration of insulin and, if it is high, can diagnose diabetes.

How long should you be on an empty stomach?

Before taking the blood test, the patient should not have eaten or drunk (except water) for at least 8 hours. Ideally, if we couple this test with triglycerides or cholesterol, he should be fasting for 12 hours.

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