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Why writing by hand can make children smarter ?

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The discovery of brain science, handwriting can improve children’s learning ability and memory. Schools are becoming more and more digital.

It generates electrical impulses when the brain is active. The electrodes’ sensors are susceptible and can record the electrical activity that occurs in the brain.

The results show that the brains of young people and children are much more active when handwriting is compared with keyboards.

“Using a pen and paper can make the brain produce more’hooks’ to keep a memory. Writing by hand can produce more activity in the sensorimotor part of the brain. By pressing the pen on the paper, you can get a lot of sensations. You write the letters and the sounds heard when writing. These sensory experiences establish connections between different parts of the brain and open up brain functions. We learn better and remember better.”

Today’s reality is that keyboards and touch screens are an important part of children’s and young people’s daily lives.

“Given the development in recent years, we are risking disabling one or more generations of handwriting. Our research and other studies have shown that the increase in digital life has regrettable consequences.”

“Learning to write by hand is a slow process, but children need to go through the fatigue phase of learning to write. Complicated hand movements and letter shapes are beneficial. If you use the keyboard, you will use the same method to complete each letter. Movement. Handwriting requires control of your fine motor and sensory skills. It is essential to keep your brain in a learning state as much as possible.

“The brain has developed for thousands of years. To develop in the best way for the brain, we need to use it to do best. We need to live a real-life, and we must use all our senses. If we Without challenging the brain, then the brain cannot reach its full potential.”

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