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Australia’s golden bark tree poisonous like a scorpion stabbed like a fire at first

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(AFP report from Brisbane, 17th) Australian researchers have discovered that a tree in Australia contains a “scorpion-like” toxin that can cause unbearable pain that lasts for several weeks. This kind of tree is locally called “Golden Park,” and the stinging caused by it just started burning like a fire. As long as you touch this tree in an instant, the stinging pain is far more severe than similar plants found in the United States or Europe. Australia calls this tree “jump-camp” (Camp-camp), which is a tropical Rain forest nettle. The leaves of this tree are wide oval or heart-shaped. They mainly grow in tropical rain forests in northeast Queensland and are notorious in the hiking world. Researchers from the University of Queensland said today that the victim reported that the stinging pain caused by the “golden skin” felt like being burned by fire first, but after a few hours, the pain eased. The pain was like being caught in a car door. Then comes the long last stage, as long as the shower will cause pain again. Irina Vetter, an associate professor at the Institute of Molecular Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland, said that the research team discovered a new class of neurotoxin micro proteins, which they named “gamopetalous.”Witte said: “Although it comes from plants, Golden Park is like the toxins of spiders and snails. They fold into a 3D molecular structure and lock the same pain receptors. This is probably the reason Golden Park of Golden Park became a truly’poisonous’ plant. The reason.”

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