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A foreigner digs a hole and escapes from it during the quarantine

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Korean police recently tracked down a foreigner after he dug a hole and escaped from the makeshift living facility the day before he was discharged and released from quarantine. After deciding to isolate all foreign travelers who come to Korea for two weeks, they established a temporary living facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is for individuals who have no place to self-isolate after coming to Korea from abroad. In Seoul, on October 6, the Namdaemun Police Station stated that they are following the path of a 24-year-old Indonesian man who disappeared from the Myeong-dong temporary living facility. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Indonesian man was scheduled to be released on October 5, after entering the quarantine facility. On September 21, the man went down to the first floor of the building, drilled a corridor, entered through a hole in the wall, and planned to escape on October 4. A policeman said, “We assume that he escaped from the facility through the hole that was created on the wall next to the main gate. We cannot know the exact circumstances because that area was a blind spot that had not been captured by a security camera.” The police are tracking the Indonesian man after investigating the scene and analyzing other surveillance footage around the area.

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