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The transformed professor frightens his students !!

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A teacher who covered his body, face, and even his tongue with tattoos and changed the whites of his eyes to whether through an operation, said he was excluded from teaching in a primary school in France after parents complained that he frightened their children.

Silvan Helen, 35, commented on the French authorities ’decision to exclude him from primary school education, affirming his love for educating children, saying:“ I am a primary school teacher .. I love my job. ”
Helen, who said he spent about 460 hours under the tattoo needle, added: "All of my students and their parents have always been normal with me, simply because they know me ... Only the people who see me from afar assume the worst."

A spokesman for the local educational authorities in France said that they had agreed with Helen to exclude him from educating children in the preschool stage (before primary school), because children under the age of six "may be afraid of his appearance."

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