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Before you buy it … all you need to know about the new Apple Watch Series 6

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A distinction can be made in just seconds between the SE model
 and the previous Class 5 model (Reuters)

One might not be able to distinguish between previous Apple Watch smartwatch models easily; However, this situation differs with the launch of Apple’s new “Smart Watch Series 6” (Watch Series 6); As it is possible to differentiate in a few seconds between the model 6 and the previous class 5.

When you take a closer look at the two models, some differences emerge. Apple confirmed that the Apple Watch 6 smartwatch has a 2.5 times brighter screen in inactive mode compared to the previous year’s model, which can be seen in everyday life.

Measurement of oxygen saturation

And when the new smartwatch is removed from the wrist, another difference appears on the back of the watch, represented in the new sensors and 4 LED groups. The Apple Watch 6 smartwatch allows the ability to measure the percentage of red blood cells that transport oxygen in the blood, and thus the “oxygen saturation” of blood known as (SpO2) can be measured.

This value indicates the quality of the oxygen supply to the body; in addition to that, it plays an important role in cases of chronic lung disease, asthma, sleep apnea syndrome, and the case of infection with the emerging coronavirus in the lung. Athletes are keen to monitor this value to follow up on the vital values During training.

The conventional pulse oximeter devices calculate the value of “SPO2” (SpO2) by the tip of the finger or earlobe, while the pulse is measured by the new Apple smartwatch and other smartwatches from the manufacturers by the wrist; The LEDs illuminate the skin, and the sensors record the blood color, setting the “SBO2” value.

This method is based on the fact that the blood appears in different colors depending on its condition. Where hemoglobin appears saturated with oxygen in bright red color and absorbs red light mainly, and the unsaturated hemoglobin appears in a dark red-blue color and absorbs light in the infrared range mainly; and in a practical test, the “Apple Watch 6” watch showed almost identical values ​​for a measuring device Specialized pulse oxygenation at the tip of the finger.

Apple has improved the main processor 
of the Apple Watch 6, and it works 
20% faster (networking sites)

The doctors explained that the appearance of values ​​between 93% and 100% indicates that things are fine, and if low values ​​appear constantly, then the doctor should be consulted. The American company promotes the new job as a pure feature of fitness and wellness only, and it is not permissible to rely on it to assess the state of health. ; Because this means that the smartwatch will be subject to stricter legal rules if Apple declares that its smartwatch is a medical device.

In contrast to the single-channel electrocardiogram, which Apple launched in its Apple Watch 4 smartwatch, the user does not have to run his own application when measuring blood oxygen; rather, the values ​​are recorded in the background, for example, at night, to analyze sleep quality.

Among the new functions of the Apple Watch 6 smartwatch is a new altimeter that works continuously in the background in normal operation mode, and it works more accurately than the old models. Through the new altimeter, mountain climbers or cyclists can better plan their exercises. In addition to a better measure of daily activity when climbing stairs.

Main processor optimization

And Apple announced that it had improved the main processor of the Apple Watch 6, as it works 20% faster. Still, the difference in performance cannot be noticed during daily life compared to the Model 5. The voice assistant of Apple “Siri” responds faster; the new processor is also more efficient in using electrical energy; however, this cannot be observed daily.

It is expected that a new processor will be in use within a year or two when the WatchOS 9 operating system or the WatchOS 10 version is installed.

The Apple Watch Series 6 comes in a 40 mm and 44 mm aluminum body and is available at a starting price of $ 399.





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