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Heated ginger removes back pain and waist pain

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Back and waist pain usually occurs from prolonged sitting
or significant physical exertion. If you have back pain problems, we have the solution for you.
All you need to do is mince pieces of the ginger and put a thick piece of gauze or cloth underneath. Then apply the ginger to the painful area of the spine. The fresh ginger will come in direct contact with the skin. If, by any chance, the ginger is too irritating, put a fragile cloth between your skin and the vegetable.

Just in case, cover the ginger with a towel and let it sit on the painful area overnight. In this way, one can achieve a truly lasting effect.

Also, watch the video to see the complete procedure for treating back pain using ginger.



Stimulates the lymphatic system, increases blood circulation to thin and dissolve stagnant, toxic materials; (old drugs, cysts, tumors, mucus, constipation, etc.)
An ideal treatment to relieve aches and pains
Suggested Treatment: Works best during the changing seasons to eliminate and rid the body of old waste.
Do half an hour sessions by replacing the compress every 2 minutes, 2 to 4 times a week. The skin should have a nice pink / red color at the end of the session to be effective.


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