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Members of the US Senate summon the heads of major technology companies

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A US Senate committee has taken a unilateral decision to summon the heads of Facebook, Google, and Twitter to respond to inquiries about fake news, data, electronic fraud, and other topics related to Internet platforms that authorities have repeatedly accused of neglecting their duties.

Committee members voted to compulsorily summon Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and Sundar Pichai (Alphabet, the parent group of Google).


“We invited these leaders, but I regret that they refused again to respond publicly to questions on issues present and urgent to this degree to the American people,” said Republican Senator Roger Walker, chairman of the committee.

The three American networks, together with the “Amazon” and “Apple” groups, are subject to various investigations at the federal level of the American states, which take them especially not to oversee the problematic contents (including false political propaganda and incitement to hatred and sexual abuse against children), and also by adopting practices. Violation of antitrust laws.

“We study how (these networks) protect and guarantee the data security of millions of Americans, and how they combat disinformation and other frauds, and we ask whether they protect the safety of children and teens online,” said Walker.

The committee also wants to understand “how (platforms) withdraw the content that encourages extremism and violence,” and to delve into the secret algorithms they use that may manipulate users and push them to negative uses of the Internet, especially among young people.

At the end of July, the heads of the four major Internet groups known as “GAVA” (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) were subjected to intense questioning for hours before a committee of the US House of Representatives.

The Democrats accused them of crushing their competitors and undermining democracy. At the same time, the Republicans considered that social networks were censoring them, despite their great activity with millions of their supporters on these platforms.



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