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Ivory Coast: Eudoxie Yao makes a beautiful declaration of love for Grand P!

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Eudoxie Yao has a beautiful love affair with Grand P., So she made him a beautiful declaration of love on Instagram.

Eudoxie Yao is happy. So that’s what she proclaimed loud and clear on Instagram. The young woman, therefore, sent a beautiful message of love to her husband, Grand P.

In Story of her Instagram account, Eudoxie Yao shared the magnificent statement. On Tuesday, September 29, Eudoxie Yao shared a photo on her Instagram account showing off with her darling Grand P. The two lovebirds have struck a pose and seem really very much in love with each other!

Captioning her Instagram photo, Eudoxie Yao also wrote, “A man’s worth is not measured by height. I love you very much, my love big P.”

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