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Grandma Kerstin Tristan spends 30,000 euros to have a tattoo on her entire body

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No, it’s not a joke, this German grandmother, Kerstin Tristan, spent 30,000 euros on tattoos from head to toe. She shares photos of her tattooed body and different hair colors daily and has over 95,000 Instagram followers.
Kerstin Tristan, who lives in Leipzig, Germany, has been a long-time taxi driver.

She wanted to add some color to her regular, so five years ago, her grandmother decided to get a bright tattoo on her arm.

The result was so successful that Kerstin couldn’t stop and constantly get a tattoo. Today the whole female body is covered with patterns.

Kerstin Tristan said she was thrilled with her colorful tattoos.

She regularly changes her wigs to adapt them to her outfit of the day.

Kerstin Tristan spent 30,000 euros on head-to-toe tattoos

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