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The Tottenham player leaves the Chelsea game and goes to the bathroom

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Television cameras captured the moment
Dyer left the stadium and directed 
him to the bathroom during the course 
of the match


Tottenham’s Eric Dyer suddenly left the stadium to go to the bathroom, caught the limelight during Tuesday’s win over Chelsea in the League Cup, as well as in a chase by coach Jose Mourinho in the tunnel leading to the players’ rooms.

Tottenham was trailing by a goal without response 15 minutes before the end when Dyer ran quickly off the field and headed to the bathroom and followed him angrily Mourinho in the shadow of playing with ten men fourth round of the Cup. Jose returned quickly to the field, before Dyer returned shortly after, and helped Tottenham drew 1-1 by Eric Lamela, and before resorting to a penalty shootout later that his team won 5-4 and Dyer scored the first kick successfully.

Dyer said after the match: “Jose was not happy, but I couldn’t do anything. I knew there was an opportunity for Chelsea while I was off the field, but it is great that the opponent did not score.”

Mourinho, the former Chelsea manager, defended his decision to run behind Dyer in the tunnel but praised the English international for his performance, which came two days after playing 90 minutes in a 1-1 draw Newcastle United in the Premier League, and said Eric had gone to a tournament. Water: He should have gone, there was no alternative, and I had to put pressure on him to go back, but he’s a great example for everyone.

Dyer will now be able to celebrate after he caused a major controversy against Newcastle when the ball inadvertently touched his hand and awarded a penalty in the final seconds that deprived Tottenham of the three points on Sunday.

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