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It was threatening to lose half of its users .. How did TikTok get away from a tragic end?

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TikTok statistics indicated that 
the application will lose half 
of its users in the United States
 if it is banned (agencies)


TikTok succeeded in putting an end to the US government’s ban on its application, after an extraordinary hearing on Sunday in a court in Washington, DC, but was damaged by its battle with US President Donald Trump.
The application was scheduled to disappear from application stores on September 27, following an order from the US Department of Commerce, until District Judge Carl Nichols decided otherwise, expressing doubts that the US government had followed legal procedures, according to a report by Business. Business Insider.
However, TikTok’s victory is a small one, and banning the app remains a possibility, further hearings are expected in the case.
The documents presented in the case to justify why the judge was not allowed to block the app from app stores show the damage Trump’s pursuit of TikTok has done.
Before Trump began considering banning TikTok in early July, the app received 424,000 new users in the United States every day.
“Eliminating this influx of new users in the United States would paralyze our growth and immediately reduce our market share,” said America’s President, TikTok, Vanessa Papas, in a memo to the court.
That growth diminished when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Trump was seriously considering banning the app. On the day it was announced, TikTok said it had witnessed a significant decline in its user base, with more than half a million daily active users disappearing from it.
Statistics from a previous Tik Tok ban in India in 2019 indicate that the app will lose up to half of its daily active users in the United States if banned for two months.
If it was banned for 6 months, TikTok says that between 80% and 90% of users will not return to the app.
Papas’ court testimony indicated how important American content creators are to the Tik Tok system, as content from the United States makes up 60% of the content offered to users in countries worldwide.
“The TikTok ban in the United States will lead to a massive decrease in the content available globally, which will reduce business and affect our new users and the core user base around the world,” she said.
The company also claimed that its struggles made it difficult to attract new employees. Although the hiring spree continued – including hundreds of American employees – attracting the right talent proved difficult.
TikTok claims that 52 job candidates have rejected job offers with ByteDance – the app’s developer – “specifically, due to the uncertainty about the results of the government’s investigations and the seriousness of the threats against TikTok,” according to Papas’ statements.



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