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“Apple One” … a new service from Apple to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime

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Apple has revealed the launch of a new entertainment service, called “Apple One”, to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime.
The American company hopes that this entertainment service will be a strong competitor that can displace the giants of the current world of entertainment in the world, such as “Netflix” and “Amazon Prime” and other services that provide visual content, on demand.
And “Apple one” is a package that combines 4 services from Apple with one subscription, and it is the easiest way to get your favorite Apple services at one price, and to enjoy more of what Apple devices offer you.
The “Apple One” package subscription includes the best services that provide you with entertainment, in addition to the iCloud storage service to save your photos and files and many more, and the services include Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and iCloud.
And “Apple” says that when you subscribe, you can enjoy Apple One services on any platform the services are available on, including the web (Apple Music and Apple TV +), specific smart TVs (Apple Music and Apple TV +), or Android devices. (Apple Music), or any other external internet streaming device (Apple Music and Apple TV +).
Any service that you have not tried before is free for the first month of your subscription to Apple One.2 After the trial month, the package will be renewed automatically as a monthly subscription, without any obligations, with the possibility of canceling at any time.
A subscriber can purchase additional storage space on iCloud separately, and use it to supplement the space covered by the (Apple One) package.
And if you choose the (Apple One) family package, you can use the family sharing feature to share all the included Apple services with a maximum of five members of your family. (Apple TV +) and (Apple Arcade) include family sharing permanently, even on an individual (Apple One) package.

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