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A slogan expressing celebration amid the Corona pandemic … Google celebrates its 22nd birthday

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The letter “G” (G) celebrates with the rest of the letters of the name Google through video technology due to the Corona pandemic (communication sites)

Today, the most famous search engine in the world celebrates its 22nd anniversary, as it changed its logo on the home page, which it calls (Doodle), to another in which the first letter of the search engine’s name appears in English (G). It is celebrating its 22nd birthday in front of a computer. In it, characters representing the rest of the letters of his name appear. They celebrate with him remotely using video conferencing technology, in a clear indication of the impact of the Corona pandemic on this year’s celebration.
The Google search engine service was officially launched on September 27, 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, studying at Stanford University in California.
The world-famous name now goes back to a mathematician who originated during a simple walk around 1920. While American mathematician Edward Kasner was walking with his young nephew Milton Sirota in the New Jersey woods, Kasner asked for his help in choosing a name for a puzzling number, number 1 followed by 100 zeros.
Milton responded with the word “Googol!”, And the term gained widespread fame 20 years later by being included in a 1940 book, co-authored by Kasner, entitled “Mathematics and Imagination.”
Google is one of the most visited websites globally, and Alphabet Inc. – the parent company of Google – is one of the four largest technology companies in the world.


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