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A man died after eating too much licorice candy

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Aux Etats-Unis, un homme de 54 ans est décédé suite à une overdose de… réglisse noire. Selon les médecins, il a mangé un paquet de réglisse par jour durant les deux semaines avant son décès.

This week, the scientific journal “The New England Journal of Medicine” reported A rare case indeed case of a man who lost his life due to his consumption of licorice. The 54-year-old American suddenly fell unconscious while at a fast-food restaurant. He was rushed to the hospital and died hours later from cardiac arrest.

A major investigation was carried out. How did he die, and doctors found the end was due to excessive consumption of black licorice. In fact, during the two weeks preceding his death, the victim consumed more than one sachet of this treat every day. When he was admitted to the hospital, his potassium levels were dangerously low. This was due to the glycyrrhizic acid found in black licorice.


Known risks.

The dangers of excessive licorice consumption are well known. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration warns that eating 57 grams of black licorice per day can lead to heart rhythm problems, especially for people over 40.

This death, however, remains very rare. And extreme case. The American brand Twizzlers, The candy marketer, specifies that these products can be consumed without risk, but reminds consumers to do so in moderation. Without danger, but reminded consumers to do so in moderation.

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