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60 Million Consumers publishes a reassuring survey on the composition of diapers.

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In 2020, baby diapers will be more respectful of the environment and the baby’s skin. This is the conclusion of a recent survey conducted by the magazine 60 Million de Consommateurs in its October 2020 issue, which hit newsstands today.

The many consumer and government pressures regarding the composition of diapers for babies are certainly for something, notes 60 Million. For several years, since 2017, to be precise, the magazine has regularly published surveys on baby protections. So far, the results have not looked good.

In February 2019, the National Health Security Agency (ANSES) was also informed of the presence of harmful substances in diapers.

  • A very green survey.

For its 2020 survey, 60 Million Consumers included more “green” models in its selection of 8 brands of diapers.

These include Pampers (Harmony), the Marque Repère Motsenfants by E.Leclerc (Nature), and the most recent model from Love & Green.

This selection, therefore, necessarily had an impact on the good results of the survey. Still, it is at the same time a reflection of what is offered on the supermarket shelves in the baby department: diapers that are meant to be green, for some with 100% natural fabrics, with a large part left to the display of logos, which are intended to be reassuring.

  • Logos and signs by numbers.
  • If the ecological disposable diaper does not exist, however, brands find something to reassure consumers who seek to exonerate themselves from protecting the buttocks of their cherubs.

Labels and logos occupy a large place on individual packages, sometimes even at the same level as that which indicates that the diaper does not flush in the toilet. Thus, the magazine describes the Lillydoo brand diaper package, which has four labels on its face (OekoTex, FSC, Allergy Certified and Cruelty-Free and Vegan) and nine logos on the underside of the box. The words “Made in Europe,” “Packaging made from 51% renewable resources”, “FSC Mixte,” “Made from 100% green electricity”, “CO2 neutral packaging,” and “No chlorine derivatives” are also accessible to the consumer.

  • Encouraging results.

The investigation revealed that the main notifiable allergens were eliminated from the eight brands tested. Best of all, apart from Pampers Baby-Dry, which contains a petroleum jelly lotion, none of the diapers contain traces of allergens.

Efforts were also focused on contaminants: no trace of dioxin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or glyphosate was revealed.

  • Efforts to be produced.

However, there are traces of AMPA in Pampers Harmony nappies, which is a powerful product derived from glyphosate and its organic compounds (AOX), which may be irritating in Pampers Baby Dari nappies, in the quantities of Auchan Baby analyzes 60 million consumers. Lupilu nappies contain traces of organic insecticides that are suspected to be carcinogenic, “but they cannot be measured with certainty,” the magazine warns.

  • Good students.

Among the eight brands of diapers selected, three kinds of the lot:

Love & Green diapers, which for the 2nd time occupy the first place in surveys conducted by 60 million consumers
Lillydoo diapers, with excellent composition, for a slightly lower price than Love & Green diapers (0.40 € per diaper against 0.44 €)
And finally, the diapers Landmark brand Mots d’Enfants Nature by E. Leclerc, which, according to the magazine 60 Million de Consommateurs, offers excellent value for money for “healthy and safe” diapers.

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