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Are you looking for a job opportunity? Elon Musk is looking for employees for his company, Neuralink

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Interesting Engineering reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was looking for engineers for Neuralink and had hired Twitter.

“If you have successfully resolved difficult issues with phones or wearables (signal processing, inductive charging, power regulation, etc.), please write to us at:,” Musk tweeted.

Although Neuralink has an impressive project, and Musk is considered one of the best CEOs by his employees in 2018, the announcement published last July did not attract many job seekers, which prompted Musk to turn again to Twitter to ask applicants. Prospective email him directly.
Musk said in a new tweet, “If you feel that Neuralink has overlooked your resume or refused to make an offer for you, please inform me in the comments below.”

Musk changed the admission criteria for applicants in another tweet, saying, “A previous record of exceptional achievement in engineering is required, but we do not need prior experience working on the brain or human physiology. We will teach you what is known about the brain, which is not much to be honest.”

Interesting Engineering wonders what happened; Does Neuralink have very high recruitment standards? And are they likely to ignore good applicants because they do not meet all requirements?

One thing is for sure, if you are an engineer and have a passion for making a difference, this could be your chance to do so. Neuralink was shrouded in secrecy until it finally revealed its plans in August.

The company plans to use a brain-computer interface to expand human capabilities; To give humans some superpower. Some of the things a new technology might do is give people supernatural insight, or even download what is into their brains onto a computer.


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