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Financial troubles facing the clubs .. to return the fans in England

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English clubs must face financial trouble after the British government on Tuesday halted plans to bring football fans back to the stadiums.

The high number of Coronavirus infections in the country led to more restrictions on movement and events.
Meanwhile, Britain’s Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove said the country could not afford the risk of fans returning to the stadiums.
He added – in statements to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – that “it is unlikely that the virus will spread in the open air more than inside, but – once again – it is the nature of sporting events to have a lot of mixing.”
All matches in the English Premier League and all other football tournaments have been held without fans since last June, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Goff said the government would try to allow some of the public to return when things were safe. He pointed out, “What we must do is look at sporting events now with caution, but we also realize that sport is a vital part of this nation, and we are looking at everything we can do to support our athletes and our great clubs, during these difficult times.”


Source: Agencies

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