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Bill’s agent for the Real fans: You must accept the ground he walks on

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Jonathan Barnett, Welsh agent Gareth Bale, the Real Madrid star on loan to Tottenham, launched a sharp attack on the royal club.

Barnett said, during his remarks to the BBC, “Bill will be very successful in Tottenham to the point that he will ask to stay, and it will be a simple deal.”
He added: “What I hope is to regain his passion and play his way, but it is up to him, and he is not in a test anywhere, he has achieved more than any British professional player abroad I think.”
He continued: “In my opinion, he was not treated properly, although he is someone who has done a lot for a great club, and it is difficult to blame a particular person, but I think that anyone who achieved what he achieved for the club in 7 years, should have been treated better.”
He explained, “I don’t want to blame anyone, and I think what the fans did was disgraceful, and the club didn’t help, and that’s all I want to say.”
Regarding his message to the fans, he said: “With all that Bell has achieved for Real Madrid, they must accept the land he walks on.”

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