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8 foods that make your stomach swell.

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Accumulation of intestinal gas, bloating, pants that tighten or no longer close, intestinal discomfort, cramps … There is nothing more unpleasant after a meal! Unfortunately, our diet plays an essential role in aerophagia. Indeed, certain foods are unparalleled when it comes to making the stomach swell like a balloon. To avoid all these inconveniences, take a look at what you put on your plate and limit the foods below!

Remember that stomach aches find their cause in multiple factors. If your condition does not improve, see a doctor or even a gastroenterologist.

1- Dairy products among the most famous foods that make the belly swell.

Lactose is often found in dairy products. However, without necessarily talking about intolerance, many adults do not have enough lactase, enzymes that help digest milk properly. Do you find it difficult to do without milk or desserts that contain it? So, opt for products made with fermented milk or those rich in probiotics. They will gently balance the intestinal flora thanks to their excellent bacteria.

2- Apples.

You wouldn’t expect to see them on this list, as apples are seen more as slimming foods than foods that make your stomach bloat. However, both apples and pears are very high in fructose. Therefore, they belong to so-called FODMAP foods. In some people, especially those with irritable bowel syndrome, some sugars are over-fermented. This causes bloating and digestive problems. If you feel like you’re having trouble digesting them, consider cooking them a little before eating. Otherwise, it is also possible to chew them slowly. Indeed, chewing allows for mechanical degradation, which facilitates digestion.

3- Legumes and cabbages.

Legumes are foods that are often said to make the stomach bloat. Despite their benefits, we are often wary of white or red beans, chickpeas, or lentils. And we are not wrong! Indeed, like sprouts (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, white, green or red cabbages, turnips, broccoli …), they are fermentable foods. When they come into contact with bacteria in the colon, they ferment and produce more gas. To avoid it, do not hesitate to soak them in water before cooking them well before consuming them. Drinking and cooking them well will make them more digestible. And for cabbages, consider blanching them before consuming them.

4- The banana.
We often recommend eating bananas in case of diarrhea … and this is no coincidence! These foods can indeed constipate and therefore cause the stomach to swell as a result. To avoid digestive problems, consume ripe bananas. This will make it easier for your body to digest.
5- Charcuterie
Unfortunately, slices of sausage or smoked ham as an aperitif are not as harmless as they seem … First of all, there is a lot of salt in them. However, sodium promotes water retention, which therefore causes swelling. Rich in saturated fat, cold meats are also very high in calories and difficult to digest. This tends to stagnate in the stomach, which promotes gas production.
6- bread.
Whether made from wheat, rye, or barley flour, bread very often contains gluten. And even without suffering from an intolerance to gluten, it can still be irritating, mainly because its fermentation in the gut can cause the stomach to swell. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up bread. Indeed, wholemeal bread is digested better than white bread made from refined flour and makes a better choice! It provides more insoluble fibers, which are suitable for intestinal transit. Also, it promotes the feeling of fullness more quickly. Of course, this also applies to pasta, rice, cookies, and toast for breakfast. Also, opt for whole grains.
7- Raw vegetables.
More foods that you eat without asking questions and that makes your stomach bloat more than you think! Indeed, carrots, cucumbers, and other radishes contain many vitamins, and at first, a glance is good for the line. However, our body can only tolerate a specific dose. Thus, when we consume too many raw vegetables, their fibers can irritate our intestines and make the belly swell. You can therefore consume them with your eyes closed but in moderation. If possible, eat them only once a day and chew them nicely to help digest them better.
8- Soft drinks, especially aspartame-based.
It won’t come as a surprise: the carbon dioxide in soft drinks makes your stomach bloat! Also, the sweet and gassy side can double overwork the colon, increasing the chances of bloating. And unfortunately, diet sodas are no better for keeping a flat stomach. This is because sucralose and aspartame both make it insulin resistant. Usually, the small intestine cannot absorb synthetic sweeteners. Therefore, they will stagnate in the colon and ferment to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, resulting in swelling and gas. Whether in chewing gum or drinks, be careful with sweeteners, especially aspartame. Also, they increase stress and promote feelings of bad mood. So many good reasons to watch your consumption!

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