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No return matches, playoffs … Fifa would like to revolutionize the championships from 2022

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According to Repubblica, Fifa wants to orchestrate deep changes in the calendar from 2022 with single-stage championships and playoffs to determine the champions.


Fifa wants more knockout matches to reduce boredom. According to the Italian daily, La Repubblica, the international body wants to offer a new revolutionary calendar to the Federations to win back the public but also to lighten the calendar by removing “slow and unnecessary” matches.
As he had promised during the coronavirus crisis, Gianni Infantino, president, wants to breathe new life after 2022. The leader wants to set up the playoffs in all the major world championships.
This would translate into a single phase with no return games, followed by knockout games to make the title race more uncertain in some countries where teams largely dominate the rest of the competition over time.
Make championships more unpredictable
He thus wishes to make the championships more unpredictable and to attract more spectators and consequently more sponsors. He is also studying a new way of distributing matches over a year after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Each period would be reserved for a competition: five months for the championships, one month for the players’ holidays, a month and a half for the World Cup or the Euro, and the rest for the qualifiers and the European cups. The remaining month and a half would be used for the national teams.

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