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During an event for virtual reality and augmented reality products, Facebook presented the second generation of Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses, under the name Oculus Quest 2.

“Oculus Coast glasses have changed the rules of the game for the standalone virtual reality glasses market (you don’t need a mobile phone or a connection to a PC to work),” Facebook said in a post. Default worldwide. “

“Today, we are excited to announce Oculus Quest 2, the next generation of standalone virtual reality glasses,” the company added.

The glasses come with a redesigned shape, new touch control arms, and screens that are the highest in terms of accuracy, and the advantage of containing a powerful processor is “Snapdragon XR2” from Qualcomm, which provides the glasses with artificial intelligence capabilities, and the glasses also contain memory 6 GB of random access (RAM).

The new glasses from Facebook come with two screens, each with a resolution of 1920 x 1832 pixels, 50% higher than Oculus Quest’s glasses. The screen also supports a high refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Facebook says that its new glasses are compatible with the Oculus Link service, allowing the user to access virtual reality games for personal computers, and other upcoming games.

The sunglasses will start at $ 299, which is about $ 100 less than the original Oculus Quest sunglasses. The initial order will start on Friday, and shipping will start on October 13th.

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