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Here’s How To Use The Ketogenic Diet To Lose 23kg Or Faster

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Losing Weight While Eating Fat: This is the somewhat surprising promise of the ketogenic diet, otherwise known as the “keto diet.” Democratized by Hollywood stars, he now has more and more followers, despite his principles that are not always combined. Here’s how it can help you lose weight.

If you try to lose weight several times but do not achieve satisfactory results in the short, medium, or long term, then the keto diet may be beneficial. Defined as a strict diet, it is not suitable for everyone. In this sense, it is advised that you consult your doctor before starting.

If you’ve got the green light, here are Nick Garcia, author of The Three Week Ketogenic Diet, recommended for optimal weight loss.

Understand that losing a lot of weight is a full-time commitment

A mistake many people make when trying to lose weight is to diet during the week before giving up totally on the weekend.

To lose a large amount of weight, you not only need to make a full-time commitment but also be patient. As healthy weight loss is between 0.2 kg and 1.4 kg per week, you must be patient to avoid putting yourself in danger or risking a relapse at the end of the diet.

Focus on progress, not perfection

To lose a lot of weight, you will inevitably have to make some sacrifices and give up certain habits. Congratulate yourself on these sacrifices, tell your loved ones about them, and appreciate your progress.

Accept your mistakes

It cannot be said enough that it is human to make mistakes and that it is okay to slip up now and then. If there are times when you happen to eat something you shouldn’t have eaten, miss a workout, overeat, eat too many “bad carbs,” it just means that you are human. Just don’t make it a habit. Accept your mistakes, and consciously choose to make the right choice next time.

Transform your body because you love it, not because you hate it .

A plethora of people decides to go on a diet for weight loss because they “hate” their bodies. As this state of mind is extremely negative, it risks producing equally bad results. So, it’s important to base your motivation on the fact that you love your body and want to provide it with the best.

One way to accomplish this would be to set some goals for yourself that have nothing to do with weight or waist circumference like taking dance classes or running a marathon etc. Start slowly and raise the bar as you work your way up.


Forget about calories, think about nutrients .

It’s crucial to understand that not all calories are created equal. Just because a burger from a fast-food chain has as many calories as some whole foods doesn’t mean they’re equal. Your body needs nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to help it function and burn fat properly. In this sense, focus more on the nutrients than on the calories in your dishes.

Follow a diet approved by your doctor .

It is essential in making your choice to seek a diet that is validated by your doctor to guarantee both its effectiveness but also the absence of any risk. Your diet should ideally focus on 3 things: your health, your metabolism, and your hormones.


6 tips for losing weight on a ketogenic diet.


While the normal diet contains 35% fat, 50% carbohydrate, and 15% protein, the ketogenic diet recommends 90% fat, 2% carbohydrate, and 8% protein.

Authorized foods include fish, eggs, seafood, butter, meats and poultry, olives, avocado, green leafy vegetables, and coconut oil. Milk, yogurt, and coffee without sugar can be consumed in moderate amounts.

Foods to avoid include fruit juices, fresh and soft cheeses, cereals, sugar, legumes as well as vegetables rich in carbohydrates (potatoes, carrots, squash, etc.).

According to Prof. Luc Cynober, head of the biochemistry department at Cochin hospital, these particular contributions will allow the body to enter ketosis, a process where the liver produces ketone bodies from the body’s fat reserves or fat from food, which would explain why we speak of “fat-burning” action. Ketosis usually occurs 2-4 days after starting this diet.

But beyond dietary recommendations, there are also key principles for successfully losing weight and keeping it off. As Professor Cynober points out, such a strict diet can lose many pounds in a month, but there is also the risk of the dreaded “yo-yo” effect. In this sense, this diet should be followed in parallel with medical monitoring. Here are the other essential rules to follow, according to Nick Garcia:


  • 1.Motivate yourself.

    While exercise is crucial for burning fat, it only plays a minor role in weight loss. If you have more than 20 kg to lose, naturally you should lose weight before tackling the fat. For this, your mentality, motivation, and state of mind play a bigger role than that of sport.

  • 2. Focus on quality over quantity.

    When it comes to your meals, place more importance on the quality of the foods you eat than the quantity. Instead of trying to suppress your appetite, try satisfying it with foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. To lose weight healthily and effectively, it is not about depriving your body of food, but rather about feeding it quality foods that will optimize the function of its organs.

  • 3. Find the right balance for your macronutrients.

    It goes without saying that to shed those pounds effectively, it is essential to plan and prepare your meals at home. The choices you make in this direction will be critical in your weight loss process. Indeed, you must find the right balance for your food choices to stimulate your metabolism and promote fat burning.

  • 4. Reduce your carbohydrate intake, choose your proteins wisely, and eat more fat.

    The ketogenic diet is all about reducing the number of carbohydrates you consume, like rice, pasta, white bread, etc. This diet also favors healthy lipids such as coconut oil, which is rich in beneficial fatty acids, called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

  • 5. Take care of your digestive system and detoxify your liver.
    If you want to lose weight, it is essential to take care of your digestive system and your liver because digestion and assimilation of nutrients are vital for weight loss.

    This is because the liver plays a vital role in your weight loss. After all, it is the organ that is responsible for removing toxins from your body. If he’s overloaded with processed foods, artificial sweeteners, or alcohol, he can’t do his job properly.

  • 6. Help yourself to detox drinks.
– Lemon water.
Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up will help boost your metabolism and weight loss while building a healthy habit, research shows.
To prepare, just add the juice of half an organic lemon to a glass of lukewarm water
– Apple cider vinegar.
According to scientists, apple cider vinegar is a promising drink for boosting both your metabolism and your digestive system.
● 230 ml of mineral water;
● 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar;
● 1 teaspoon of organic honey (optional);
● ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional);
● ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper (optional).
● Green tea

Appreciated for its flavor and medicinal properties, green tea is a promising way to boost metabolism and promote weight loss, according to a study published by The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

● 1 cup of green tea;
● 1 tablespoon of organic honey;
● A pinch of cayenne pepper;
● 1 tablespoon of cinnamon.
  • What are others doing that you are not doing?
    Do you feel that no matter what you do, you still struggle to lose weight when it seems easy for others? You must be wondering what they are doing that you are not doing.

Contrary to what you might imagine, there is no magic formula or revolutionary pill that will help others shed extra pounds. What helps these people to lose a lot of weight is to follow a sustainable program that is based on their metabolism, hormones, and lifestyle – a program tailor-made especially for them.

So, you just have to find the right formula and the right balance for you, and stick to it, to achieve the ideal weight for your body.

  • What you need to know about the keto diet before you start.

The ketogenic diet is initially intended for individuals with epilepsy. But in recent years, the latter appears to have turned democratized to fight weight gain. It is based on increasing the fat intake and reducing the number of carbohydrates. A principle that does not always agree with nutritionists because in fact, the “keto diet” as it is called across the Atlantic is not suitable for everyone and can lead to a deficiency in the diet.

In this sense, it is highly recommended that anyone choosing this diet seek medical advice in advance and be monitored by a doctor. The latter can determine whether supplementation is necessary or rebalance the diet to make it better suited to one’s needs.

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