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at the salon “Désir d’enfant”, the border between client and patient is sometimes thin

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We respect your privacy “It’s clearly a business”: at the “Désir d’enfant” trade fair, the border between client and patient is sometimes thin

This fair offers conferences and stands offering a solution to heterosexual couples, homosexuals, or single women who wish to have a child but who cannot. But inevitably, these methods have a price.

How to make a child when the natural process is not possible? The Salon “Désir d’enfant” in Paris tries to answer these questions. It ends Sunday, September 6 in the 17th arrondissement. In this show, the stands are distinguished by their nationality. Spain on one side, Canada on the other, and behind the desks of representatives of foreign clinics that offer solutions that are still illegal in France such as surrogacy (surrogacy) for example.
Valentine, aged 42, came alone to get information: “Following a lot of love struggles, I find myself over 40 years old wanting to start a family without having found the dad. So I’m here to help me in my thinking, meet people who have come from the donation. They are very empathetic but clearly, it’s a business. ”

A business, the word is dropped very quickly by this Parisian and it is easy to verify it on the exhibitor side. “Now, we would also like to open up to French customers,” says Julie, who represents a clinic based in the Czech Republic. But when it is pointed out to her that she talks about …

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