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Ivory Coast: “It hurts to tears, when I see my brothers treating my Grand P husband of genius”, Eudoxie Yao

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The romance between Eudoxie Yao and Grand P continues to arouse strong reactions from Ivorian internet users. Arrived in Ivory Coast to meet his sweetheart, Grand P is in the spotlight.

Media coverage that really doesn’t say its name. Become a little more famous and known by almost all Ivorians, his various outings still elicit reactions that are often very harsh and severe.

Several people call him a “genius”, a “strange” man. Annoyed to see his man devalued, belittled, our “National Eudo” made a live broadcast all in tears to implore the clemency of Internet users. For her, Ivorians do not have to meddle in her love life.

“It hurts to tears when I see my Ivorian brothers calling my husband Grand P a Genie or a foreigner … Grand P is my husband. I chose them. It’s my body. I do what I want with this. You don’t have to follow me. I can’t stand calling Grand P a sub man. It is God who created us… Leave us alone… ”she said in her direct on her Facebook page.

Recall that artist Grand P just released a clip for a single that is currently over a million views on YouTube.

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